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Monday, 23 April 2018

Why I'm disappointed in the return of Carla Connor

Guest Blog Post by Kelly Archer who is on twitter @mskelstar
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Is anyone else feeling a bit disappointed by Carla Mark 2? 

The Carla we knew and loved was a glamorous, strong, independent, successful businesswoman who could ferociously hold her own. Self-destructive yes, vulnerable at times, but a true drama queen and survivor in the mould of Elsie Tanner and Bet Gilroy. 

I know that the writers are trying to do something a bit different with Carla. To not have her treading the same ground of rowing with Tracy, dealing with a commotion at the factory and having an on-off relationship with Peter, but that’s the Carla we fell in love with.

Carla Mark 2 has no home, no business to run and no defining struggle. I’m not sure I can even count her latest fight with Michelle, mainly because I’m struggling to think of a character that Michelle hasn’t had a barney with at some point! Michelle could start a fight in an empty room. This is a woman whose default setting is furious indignation, so it was only a matter of time before she got around to Carla.

The relationship with Roy has been very sweet and enjoyable but it seems to have reduced Carla to a teenager who sneaks boys out of her room hoping her ‘dad’ doesn’t catch them. There are people in this world who don’t function without a bit of excitement and melodrama, taking that away from Carla is like making Grace Jones eat a pot noodle whilst wearing a onesie. 

There is an obvious solution of course – reuniting her with Peter. Peter and Carla are the Burton and Taylor of the Street, there’s even a physical resemblance with Carla’s dark gypsy looks and Peter’s brooding charm. Like Liz and Dick they’ve endured scandal, alcoholism, infidelity and bitter separation. But through the fighting and pain you always felt that theirs was a genuine passion.

The Burtons married and divorced each other twice. ‘I am forever punished by the gods for being given the fire and trying to put it out,’ the actor wrote, around the time of their first separation. ‘The fire, of course, is you.’ Theirs was a love-affair that didn’t have a before and after; it was all during or in-between.

Peter shares Burton’s tormented alcoholism, if not perhaps his eloquent delivery and Taylor according to those who knew her ‘needed the bracing reality of a good fight’. Sound familiar?  So come on you two, it’s time to put aside these frivolities with Toyah and the latest toy-boy. We need you back together laughing, loving, fighting and drinking and. We need some Carla drama!  

Guest Blog Post by Kelly Archer who is on twitter @mskelstar
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here! 

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Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- Loved the comment about Michelle starting a fight in an empty room! LOL

Anonymous said...

Here's an issue based storyline for her - rampant STD's.

C in Canada said...

Yep, I'm also in agreement with the empty room fight line. Good one and surely does apply to Michelle.
I am glad Carla is back, and yes I'm glad they didn't stick her right back into the same rut she was in before. But they do need to give her more direction that just lodging with Roy and having a kidney transplant.
What now?
As in all soaps, the truth will out, so Toyah's baby secret can't last, and I'm positive that will be the end of that beige relationship. Peter and Carla will then be drawn to each other like moths to flames.
Just my little prediction for Monday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I agree with everything you've said.

I would love to see a Peter and Carla reunion

Anonymous said...

Just one thing though, Peter will die if he goes back to drinking, isn't the what the doctor said after his prison drink fest?


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