Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Coronation Street spoiler: Eva's baby bombshell

The previews for next week’s Coronation Street are in and Eva gives birth to a baby girl in the cottage, with Toyah acting as midwife.

After the birth, left alone in hospital Eva picks up her daughter and she stares down at her little face in awe. Meanwhile, back on the Street, reality bits for Toyah who has to lie to cover her tracks with Peter and Leanne about where she’s been.

When Toyah tells Peter that ‘their surrogate’ has had her baby, Peter announces the news to the bar and they decide to call the baby Susie. Simon watches the baby news unfold with mounting jealousy and so when Toyah arrives back in Weatherfield with the baby from Eva in the cottage, Simon is unimpressed and tells Leanne that he thinks Toyah has been having an affair.  

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