Saturday, 14 April 2018

Corrie Comicals

Quite a bit of the time it looks like Corrie is feeling a bit dark and so on the weeks when I am not doing an episode update I have offered to look through the episodes and gather together some of the warmer aspects to act as a reminder that it is not all doom and gloom.

Some weeks it will just be Steve gurning or David the dog for entertainment but I hope to be able to spot some other brighter moments.

First up this week and pictured above were Carla and Roy sharing each other's books.  Roy was propounding the importance of wrought iron and the "Puddling process" - see Corrie is educational.  I never really had Carla down as a book reader to be fair - but she is obviously making good progress with her romantic novel!

Next up is another example of education - Robert espousing health and safety in the kitchen.  And demonstrating that he likes being a silver fox.  And in the background note the smile on the peeping thomas, sorry Michelle!  And look - the body of a steroid user.

Jenny: "Hey.  Did you hear that?.  Arrested by the police.  All goes on round here, doesn't it?"

The looks on their faces as they all leaned in together, all said "Mmmm" and having absorbed the news sank back into the booth as Jenny summed up!

In terms of story telling and group activity it was a pleasure to welcome the re-opened factory and to see everyone bar Sean and Eva back at the machines.  And the factory girls and boys were also pleased to be earning again.  And there was further gratification on Friday from this as there was a beautifully written ensemble piece which then turned into Kirk announcing that if he won a million pounds he would buy the factory - not to run it, merely to guarantee a job for life because he loves packing boxes so much.

I hope you like this little contribution.


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coconno196 said...

Thanks for that. It's the little bits of quirky humour that's kept me watching. Roy and Carla reading was a nice follow - up to Roy ' s conversation with Daniel a while back. Daniel asked what sort of books Carla liked, and Roy replied that he'd never seen her read any book!
As for Kirk, I just love him. Whoever writes his lines deserves an award. His "bonding" chat with Aidan was a gem.

Louby said...

This is a great idea! Thanks.

I think we might see Sean back at a machine before long.

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