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Saturday, 28 April 2018

When did Summer become Winter?

When young Summer Spellman first arrived on the cobbles, she was a bright and witty young girl. Sure, she was facing some pretty life-changing challenges, but she remained optimistic and older than her years. She was a breath of fresh air.

Matilda Freeman has been absolutely brilliant in the role and broken the spell of former Corrie kid actors who have been reduced to smiling sweetly because they have no acting experience. 

But, Summer has since gotten very cold.  Gone is her upbeat approach to life. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Everyone she trusts leaves or lets her down. 

She has smoked Spice, lived with a killer and her new dad got hooked on heroin. Now she has gone all 'Kevin the teenager.' This happened to sulky Simon who began life like an old Northern Vaudeville comedian, cracking jokes and charming people, And now he sits there, grimacing and turning milk sour. 

The logical side of your brain says Summer is a teen and they go through changes and get a tad moody and withdrawn. But this poor kid is starting to resemble the late Pauline Fowler from Eastenders, she almost sighs whenever she has to do something simple, such as breathe. The sassiness is gone, the humour has disappeared and even Amy is sweeter than her. 

Not every character in Corrie can stay the same, I get that. But if Summer remains this bloody miserable, I think Billy is better off getting her name changed by deed poll to Winter. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I could scream at the tedious dialogue in Summer's storyline. In almost every scene of adults discussing Summer, someone says : 'And she's been through so much at her age.' Stop already, writers, we know! It joins the other cliché which is when a young female character gets pregnant: 'But she's just a child herself.'

abbyk said...

Honestly, in the past two weeks, I think Summer has become a lot more interesting. Grumpy at home but interesting. First having a crush on Aidan, then giving her smarts a chance to shine (finally!) with Alya and the presentation, and then stomping off in a fit about life with Billy. They are a. going to have to find her some kind of gifted program for after school and/or over the summer to keep that genius brain of hers on a positive course, and b. create a very clever and complex path for Billy to regain her trust and become a true family. Phelan’s web of destruction clever. Cupcakes and a hug won’t fix what’s broken here.

abbyk said...

And kudos to Matilda Freeman for pulling it off so convincingly.

maggie muggins said...

Yes, I think Matilda Freeman has grabbed hold of her character and run with it. I know it's sensitive, but I wondered at how it couldn't have been easy for her when Bruno Langley left the show, what with media focusing on why. I hope the writers can get her and Billy out of the corner they're painted into right now, a rather dark one.

Save Toyah from boredom! Giver her a councellor's office at the medical centre.

Val said...

Why can't they bring Tod back with a different actor? It's not as if they've never done it before.

Anonymous said...

I could also scream at the screen not only because of the tedious dialogue but also because of the depressing scenes of Summer being nursemaind to the adults who are supposed to be looking after her,first Billy due to his drug addiction and now [I live in Canada and am now seeing these scenes]Eileen wallowing in self pity due to Phelan's crimes.
Summer needs her grandparents to return and give her the stability and security she deserves as she's not getting it now.

Tilly Flop said...

If her grand parents return, that'd mean Summer would leave the street, and I don't think any of us want that .Hopefully Billy will grow up and finally be the parent he promised Drew he would be

C in Canada said...

I'm with Val - I'm surprised they haven't recast Todd and brought him back already. That little family unit needs healing.

Anonymous said...

Never mind recasting Todd, bring back Bruno Langley, the original and the best. He's paid his dues over a relatively small "crime".

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS - I for one wouldn't miss Summer if she was written out. We're not all fans of hers.

Tilly Flop said...

Fair enough. Any particular reason?


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