Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Coronation Street Spoiler: New character Kayla arrives

The previews are in for next week’s Coronation Street and new character Kayla arrives as a waitress who’ll be working for Zeedan in the new restaurant Speed Daal.

Kayla helps Alya and Imran set up the restaurant with Zeedan.  And when she walks in to find him hugging Rana and giving her a kiss, Zeedan tells Kayla he thinks Rana still has feelings for him.

Kayla will be played by Molly Winnard who has appeared on TV in Love, lives and Records and has experience as a dancer with the National Youth Ballet too.  She has appeared in stage musicals Grease and Little Shop of Horrors.

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Anonymous said...

Why are we getting 2 new characters? There are regular characters that are woefully underused.

Anonymous said...

I agree that more new characters are not necessary at all.
Sophie is looking for a job so why couldn't the writers have her working in Zeedan's new restaurant instead?
They get along and it would make more sense than bringing in someonw new.

Christine in Canada said...

lt does not make sense to have Sophie work at the restaurant she has no experience! why would a restaurant manager hire her over an experienced waitress?
Sophie needs to get herself to school and get an education so she can get a decent job! she is just floating right now.
Yes there are regular characters that are underused...but you cannot shoe horn them into a position for that reason!
Does the cast need to be culled....absolutely
Do loyal performers deserve more screen time....absolutely
But you have to let the dead wood go first. Someone needs to go in and clean house....period. Someone needs to take charge and make the tough decisions and it does not look like its going to be Kate Oats.

popcorn said...

Boss Zeedan tells the new girl about his love life? Really?

Connor White said...

Neil Clifton's daughter I'm guessing.

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