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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 11 April, 8.30pm

Toyah is trying to do the right thing, and decides that Eva should tell Aidan about the baby. How no-one has guessed yet is beyond me. Eva wears her coat indoors more than the youngest lad in East is East! 

The casting director has played a blinder giving Anna Jane Casey a role as a photographer for a calendar, as she plays the lead role in Calendar Girls, the musical which is on tour soon. But this does not stop Robert pulling the plug on his part in the project when he realises it's for a cancer charity. 

Hope asks Ty when he's coming home. She guesses that he will say: "It's complicated." And it's not really, Fiz has been a nag, Tyrone made a stupid mistake and the two need to get back together. 

Robert goes back to being a moody so and so. He has hidden anger re the cancer. He says he wants to forget it and move on. He never looked comfortable topless with the utensils anyway! It all looked a bit Fifty Shades with scales and spoons!  

David calls in on Josh and demands that he opens the door. He buzzes him in and we cut back to the factory. Eva turns up wearing a huge coat and some of the factory staff go for her, but none of them notice what's wrong. I am shouting at the TV now. Eva finally tells Aidan. I am relieved, as her character is starting resemble Baymax from Big Hero 6. So, glad it's finally been said. It's the world's worst kept secret. And now, Eva can ditch the coats. 

Aidan says she does not look seven months pregnant. Really? Eva pleads with him and he asks why she has been so late telling him. Her other secret will come out and we will see these two go through more turmoil, I am sure. Aidan thinks Eva has had a knock back from Adam. 

David confronts Josh and asks if he has been taking steroids. Josh presumes that David will bottle it when it comes to disclosing what has happened to him. Josh has the ace card here, as David's recent behaviour and past mean that many people believe he is a monster anyway. 

Poor Toyah stands behind the bar swigging a glass of red. She then goes to the back and rings Peter and gets his voicemail. She leaves a message and claims it's about Jackie and the baby. So many lies have been told, I have started to forget what's actually true. Will Toyah make a haloumi sandwich and move on, or will she come clean? 

Aidan thinks he is being fleeced by Eva. So he goes all Jeremy Kyle and asks for a DNA test to prove thst the baby is his. Robert has a change of heart and says that he will donate money, instead of having his calendar picture publishes. He sticks to his morals and stubbornly refuses to be "defined by cancer." 

Roy and Carla or #Rola as they are no doubt known by on tinterweb are reading books, separately. But Carla is likening herself to a character in her book, So that Roy can offer her some advice. 

Sarah says she is going to move out. David stupidly asks if she has a problem with him. Her boyfriend has been beaten up by her brother! David looks on the verge of speaking out and telling the truth but he simply cannot get there. He shouts at Gail and soon, he will have no-one left which will make Josh feel good and in his head he will become the victor. 

Eva goes and finds Toyah. She is upset and says the deal is back on, given the response she got from Aidan. But guess who was listening? Sullen Simon and he had his 'I'm a 'bad 'un' face on. So expect fireworks soon. 

Until next Wednesday. See ya later, chuck. 

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Anonymous said...

Since she lied about being pregnant once before,slpet with Adam and kept quiet all these months about being pregnant for real,why would Aidan believe Eva now?
Since she was with Adam,it's understandable he would want a DNA test as proof he's the father.
I don't like Aidan being the 'villain'to justify Eva again keeping his child from him.
I also don't like David the victim of rape becoming the villain and if that is the point of the storyline,then it's a disservice to male rape victims and as become another sensational storyline for the Platts!

Anonymous said...

Anon, very well said! I agree completely in particular your comments about David's assault and him turning into a villain. I also agree that it is a great disservice to the male rape victims. He needs to seek proper help, I want to see Josh get the punishment he deserves. In my humble opinion Josh is way too cool and confident and I'm sure he has raped before and will do it again if he isn't caught!


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