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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Carla Connor - What's going on?

 Carla has a new lease of life. Her recently acquired half-brother, Aidan, was found to be a match for Carla, who needed a new kidney. Generously, Aidan agreed to undergo the operation and both he and Carla, after a short stay in hospital, were fine.

Before the transplant, Carla had a fling with Daniel Barlow. It didn’t go far, but it did enough to anger Peter resulting in a few sharp words in The Rovers – childish insults really, which, more than anything, failed to convince others that they loathed each other, despite the actual words.

Toyah was clearly anxious about Carla’s return but so far, Peter appears to be staying loyal. As noticed by many though, there is a certain chemistry which is hard to miss between Peter and Carla.  Are they not the male/female version of each other?

Carla had the sense to end the fling with Daniel and to order him to get back together with Sinead, having realised that that was where his heart lay.

Post operation, Carla turned her attentions to Ali, Michelle’s son. Apparently, there had been a mix-up at the hospital and Michelle came home with Ryan, not her biological son, but she brought him up. Her biological son was Ali, brought up by the biological mother of Ryan and so on.  (I’m even beginning to wonder if I might be Michelle’s son – must check!)

There followed the strange episode of Michelle and Carla, imitating a couple of 10 year old school girls, looking round Sally and Tim’s house with a view to nothing more than ridiculing and mocking Sally’s choice of d├ęcor. Why? If anyone can help me understand the point of this story, I will gladly listen. Anyway, what that incident did was not make us like Sally any the less, but rather like Carla and Michelle a good deal less.

That incident was one of the strangest I’ve ever seen in all the years that I have been watching Coronation Street.

Fair is fair though and it was a lovely moment when it was revealed that Carla had signed the factory over to her life-giver, Aidan. There was though the question as to what would Carla now do? In the factory, she was in her element. She was the boss, she was good at her job and a reasonable staff-manager, even managing Sally when she became a little too self-important.

Well one thing she did do, and this was undoubtedly not her smartest move, was to begin a fling with Ali, Michelle’s biological son, but not the one she brought up. Michelle was desperate to form a proper mother/son relationship with him but hadn’t counted on the fact that her best friend would begin an affair with him. Ali was the one who did the running but Carla didn’t have to agree, did she? As a result, there is now a serious rift between the 2 former best friends and so far, no matter how much she grovels and swears that the affair is over, Michelle has uninvited her from her wedding to Robert, telling Carla that, ‘It’s for close friends and family only.’

I’ve no idea how long this fall-out will continue, but I do find it intriguing and truly reflective of life. People fall out. Best friends of many years standing, fall out. Some make up, some don’t and former best friends go to their graves, never having made it up. Family members fall out – the ripples often spreading far and wide, as can happen with friends too.

Remember when Rita and Bet fell out? Ivy and Vera? Who can forget Ken and Mike Barlow falling out? Gail and Eileen? Ongoing that one! And so many more…

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njblas said...

I completely agree about the 'Carla and Michelle mock Sally' storyline - it backfired big-time. Instead of the viewers chuckling at Sally's pretensions, I think most of us just saw Michelle and Carla as two horrible witches:( Now, Michelle is not a likeable or sympathetic character at the best of times, but she sunk to a new low here. How I long for a scene where another character takes her down a peg or two! But it will never happen, as we are constantly being fed lines about how beautiful and wonderful she is:)
I don't think the writers know what to do with Carla. I know they don't intend to reactivate the Tracy feud (thankfully) - unless they run out of ideas of course. It's almost like she is a new character and they don't have a direction or purpose for her yet. Strange...

Sophie Bird said...

I am fed up of Michelle eye rolling and going on about her sex life. Please send Phelan to finish her off.

Jan said...

Where does Carla's money come from? And if she has so much of it why is she not renting her own place? And who is paying for the now empty cottage in Devon?

popcorn said...

We know that Aidan is leaving, so maybe Carla will take over the factory again when he goes.

Anonymous said...

She needs to be running Underworld again. That's where Carla belongs, in my opinion!

Sadly, until Aidan goes, I don't think there's going to be much direction for her.

I agree about Peter and Carla! From what I have seen, Peter's still in love with her. Not that he'd admit it to himself/anyone else, while he's with Toyah, as he's excited about being a dad again. Carla, despite her recent flings with various lovers, I still think would take some convincing when it comes to Peter now - just because of how badly he treated her. But there's undeniable chemistry between them and I do hope the writers have something great planned for them - after Peter's left Toyah.


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