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Monday, 23 April 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 23rd April

It's the battle of the self-righteous as Princess Kate argues with Queen Alya about who should move out of the flat. Kate reckons she's gonna win as she asks Rana to move in. Rana is more circumspect and shoots off with Zeedan when she finds out her parents cancelled the cheque that was going to pay for Speed Daal's fixtures and fittings. They start looking for freecycle furniture together and she says that she wants to stay at number six. I like Rana, but she is flighty. She was introduced as a minx and she is still a minx, she's just replaced the sauciness with tearful drama. She's not a settler-down, she's a compulsive faller-in-love and she's going to bounce between Zee and Kate for a while, I reckon. In the meantime, I do wonder when Handsome Imran is going to get a storyline of his own, rather than running around after Rana and her drama or turning up at inconvenient o'clock at the cop shop to act as duty solicitor to whichever of the street's residents is in trouble this week.

Moira has no sympathy for Rana ("It's not like they sent her finger in the post"). I like Moira's relationship with Liz since she returned from her sojourn with Jim Vic Colin - less bully 'n' victim, more frenemies. Moira is convinced that Liz is secretly in love with Johnny, but Liz has other fish to fry, or rather wine to drink, with Mike, the retired teacher.

Meanwhile, Abi does some womansplaining to Tyrone about a car problem and points out that they could install a blah-blah instead of a thingummyjig, which'd be cheaper for the customer. Presumably, she's gonna become the the Street's first female mechanic (32 years after Charlene Robinson), which is a little contrived, but I'm glad Abi is staying as she is a fun character and a good actress (she was great in Shameless). I guess she'll remember about the twins when there's need for a new storyline.

Carla is still down on Alya, doesn't think she's management material. Carla was a trailblazer, the first female factory owner and so she should help lift up other women, and I don't mean unpaid intern Summer, who is surely a little young to be doing work experience? Anyway, Summer spots a maths error in Alya's figures (a bit like when I entered £34,390, rather than £34.39 onto the work accounts system) and gives a bit more grist to Carla's mill. She is a bit Devil wearing Prada, considering Alya basically brought the factory back to life. Alya is more of a raiser-upper, telling Summer to never apologise for being clever and they work together on pitching new leisure/sportswear range Underworkout. Well, let's hope this doesn't go the same way as the embroidered basques. In the meantime, Billy returns from rehab, yes, yes, yes, but Summer wants to stay at Eileen's Home For Wayward Boys And Girls for one more night. Talking of, Nicola can't find the spare key, but when she phones Seb to let her in, they find it under the plant-pot once more. Seb blames Nicola's baby brain, but we know differently, don't we, gang?

Ditzy Emma is still annoying David in the salon, but not as much as Gary who goes to talk some sense into D-Pla. His army experience makes him realise that David's behaviour is due to undiagnosed trauma, although he thinks it's due to Kylie's death. David pretends that's the case in order to get Garry off his back, and then makes a move on Maria when she tries to find out what's wrong. She knocks him back but Emma doesn't and David asks her to move in to the Platt-Rodwell household. This isn't....going to end well.

No review next week, I'm afraid, as I'm off to Germany to persuade Eddie to come back to join the FAWN campaign!

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popcorn said...

Just how long does it take to qualify as a mechanic in the UK? Your cars must be a whole lot easier to fix than those in Canada!

Rossie said...

Perhaps she did her training in prison?

Anonymous said...

Charlene Robinson (Kylie's greatest role!) lol

coconno196 said...

Maybe Abi was a trained mechanic before she got into drugs?

What I find harder to believe is that dopey Emma would jump into bed with David after he'd been so nasty to her!

Anonymous said...

She did. She told Eileen, that's where she got her mechanic qualifications

coconno196 said...

I wish the SWs hadn't given Louis Emerick /Mike that little speech in "French". Terrible accent and intonation - in spite of his first name, he just doesn't convince as a French teacher. No criticism of the actor for not being given fluent in French, and I quite like the character, but it was mean of the SWS to put him in that position.


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