Sunday, 29 April 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 27 April 2018

The lighter side started early on Monday when Ty started mainsplaining to blonde Abi (a trained mechanic thanks to the education resources in our penal system) about the need for a new steering rack.  Even Kev ended up telling Ty he was wrong on this.

I am confused over Josh - all we have seen of him is in his flat - but not at the garage - so is there a vacancy for Abi to fill or not?

Fiz pointed out that Beth's tea was not up to much this morning certainly brought wide smiles to the remaining team in t'factory - just the type of ensemble moment that I hoped the factory re-opening would give us!

Moira's return has allowed the McDonald-Pollock double act to get stronger and this week she was accepting an invitation on Liz's behalf from Mike for a trip to see a Pedro Almodovar film - to be honest I am not sure that film will be up Liz's street!  And I doubt if either of the girls know who he is!

Shona called this Tracy's angry pout.  And you have to admit she does look like her nose is a little out of joint after being blackmailed over Billy's tenancy and back rent by the new firm of Barlow & Ramsey - accountants and lawyers to the crooks!

With a good view of the new part of the set showing Costa here we have Sally suggesting to Yasmeen that the best solution to her washing getting dirtied by the birds is to move the washing line!  No wonder Yasmeen decided on direct action and removal of the bird bath!

Why does Geoff only seem to have a vague idea that Weatherfield exists?

Tvor, late of this parish, often used to rail at length at the inconsistencies which we suffer.  So take Geoff - sitting in Weatherfield General Hospital, working for Weatherfield Hospital Radio and whose daughter-in-law is one Sally Metcalfe, Mayor of Weatherfield with whom he is living.

And for those who have not heard the joke which Geoff did not finish telling:  "A polar bear walked into a bar.  The barkeep asks him what he wants.  "Can I have a ........................... beer please?"  The barkeep asks why the big pause.  The polar bear holds up his arms and says he has always had them!"

Line of the week - Emma calling David's mother Grail - a shortening of Granny Gail.  The latter seemed unimpressed by her new name.  I look forward to Emma renaming other Street residents.

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popcorn said...

Just how long was Abi in that jail where she learned how to be a mechanic?

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