Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 25 April

Wednesday 25th April
BILLY IS OUT ON HIS EAR Tracy evicts Billy telling him that he is three months in arrears with the rent and she doesn’t want a junkie living in the flat. Billy is humiliated as Summer is packing her things at Eileen’s ready to move back in. Billy asks Adam if Todd has any wages due but Adam sends him packing, Billy apologises to Adam for everything.
IMRAN RIDES TO ZEEDAN’S RESCUE Rana begs Imran to find a way that Zeedan can raise the money for the restaurant. Imran surprises Zeedan by saying he would like to invest and has started by ordering the furniture.
DAVID DRIVES HIS LOVED ONES TO DISTRACTION David introduces Gail, Max and Lily to his new girlfriend Emma and says he has asked her to move in. Bethany is shocked to realise Emma was in the year above her at school. When Shona finds out she is devastated.
ELSEWHERE Aidan finds Summer’s school notebook at the factory and discovers she has filled it with notes about him. He confides in Johnny that he is worried she has a crush on him. Angie persuades Tracy to let her do the florist bookkeeping. Mike invites Liz to see a high brow film - under Moira’s gaze she does her best to appear keen.

Wednesday 25th April 
BILLY’S FRIENDS RALLY ROUND With Tracy adamant she wants Billy out of the flat Shona and Adam vow to try and help Summer and Billy. Shona asks Adam find a way to try and persuade Tracy to change her mind and she offers to move in with Billy and Summer to act as guarantor.
KATE FIGHTS THE GREEN EYED MONSTER Zeedan is cleaning an empty Speed Daal for the opening day. Zeedan thanks Rana for talking to Imran and gives her a hug which doesn’t go unnoticed by a disquieted Kate who vents to Carla and Aidan about Imran investing in the business. Spotting a text on Rana’s phone from Zeedan, Kate has a go at Rana and dismisses her plan to try and contact her family.
ELSEWHERE Aidan says he is going to get rid of Summer’s notebook to avoid any embarrassment. Audrey, Gail and Bethany confront David about Emma and his recent behaviour

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1 comment:

David Hughes said...

Gosh, that Billy’s rehab must have in the Caribbean..he’s brown as a berry, and from the looks of her, Eileen was there too! And if the hourly rate at Roy’s is good enough to pay off three month’s rent to St. Tracy, I might apply myself - making a cappuccino when there’s no machine, never mind an omelette roll, is obviously a £20 an hour job!!

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