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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Until Next Time, Mr Phelan

So Pat Phelan has departed our lives for good; or so the residents of Weatherfield believe. Phelan's demise has been promised for quite some time now, and while I'm sure that his eventual exit will be spectacular, the street will definitely be left with a villainous gap.

There have been many ups and downs with Phelan's ongoing storyline. The Whitehaven episodes were so tense; Sue Cleaver and Connor McIntyre were just breathtaking as we were wondering who would return to Weatherfield, if anyone. As Phelan held onto the sea-wall for dear life, in a bid to get Eileen to rescue him, he revealed that he knew where Todd was and if he dies, so does Todd. Screaming "liar", Mrs Phelan Grimshaw kicked him down to his expected death. After we saw the murderous villain plunge into the sea, Phelan somehow managed to get himself to Ireland, where we saw him play doctor and sew up his own leg. Nice. It remains a mystery how Pat got to the Emerald Isle, maybe he swam? Nevertheless, he is now secretly hiding out, masquerading as Mr Frost.

In his rampage of riot throughout the years, Pat has eliminated some characters that, to be honest, I don't miss (sorry 'bout it Andy & Luke). Although, I'm a little disappointed that Phelan deprived the world of reading Andy's novel. But, these things happen when you get on the wrong side of Coronation Street's latest serial killer *insert shoulder shrug*. He even turned on Billy a few weeks ago, which I have to say was an outstanding scene. It was so unexpected and Pat really didn't hold back. It's not very often that I'm sat watching with my mouth gaped open but I was *shook* (as was Billy, quite literally). I think in the end it was only Phelan's doting wife who believed in him, and we all know how that ended. Side note: I'm sure Eileen never used to be that naive; it must be Pat's killer charm.

However, there is a fine line in my opinion between the outstanding, soap-award-worthy scenes, and the ones that don't belong in a soap. Corrie has come under fire in recent weeks/months for being too dark, which I do agree with to some degree. One of the prime examples is, surprise surprise, Phelan massacring Andy and Vinny in a couple of harrowing episodes. Yes, it was dramatic. Yes, it was brilliantly acted. Was it Coronation Street? No. Far from it. They were the kind of episodes you find in a television thriller. Which is great, if you're watching a television thriller. Give me Pat just putting the frighteners on some poor soul any day. I think I'll leave the violent murder to some kind of crime drama.

On the other hand, it's pretty much inevitable that these scenes will go down in Corrie history.

As his reign of terror will soon come to an end, I ask myself; will I miss Pat Phelan? The answer is yes. Lots. Mr McIntyre has been absolutely brilliant, making us quake in our boots every time Pat gives someone that infamous Phelan glare, or every time a red van drives past our house.

Love him or loathe him, no one will ever forget the name, Pat Phelan.

Sophie Williams

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Crackpot Lily said...

I too loved Pat Phelan's character...terrific baddie! There were times when I had to suspend belief, but he was slick. When he knew he had you beat...he had you beat. Now he's the proverbial cat with nine lives. We need big Jim MacDonald to sort him out so we do!

Anonymous said...

Lily. Totally agree with all that ...... Apart from your last comment. Nooo. Please no. Def not the return of the one trick pony Jim McDonald. He's past it now. A spent force

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Let's hope Connor McIntyre moves on to some great new roles/dramas in his future. If he chooses to do so. I have thoroughly enjoyed his storyline, in fact he has saved Corrie for me --- things were going downhill imo since the new producer arrived.
I don't think anyone can sort out Pat Phelan -- I'm hoping his demise will be an accident, a twist of fate against him. Either that, or Anna and Nicola are there to see his last breath.

Canadian fan

abbyk said...

Connor McIntyre has been amazing and Phelan will never be forgotten. I can’t wait to see where CM ends up next. Before he gets there, however, we deserve to be pulled back into the light by a hero. Vinny’s mom should be in her pleasant care home, Michael, Andy and Luke’s murders need legal closure, and the flat money should be at least partially restored. Daniel, newTodd, Summer, don’t care, just somebody.


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