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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 25th of April 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of tonight's two episode reviews!.

Beginning at number 8, David's dramatic demise continues. Following his afternoon dalliance with ditzy trainee Emma, he decides to ask her to move in!. Much to Gail's dismay, David relishes in the drama, recognising his own blatantly unpredictable behaviour. It isn't long before Shona hears the news, and fails to mask her devastation.

Recovering from his recent stint in Christian rehab, a rejuvenated Billy looks forward to his new life with Summer. Seeking extra cash for unpaid rent owed to Tracy, Billy tries to see if any shifts are going at Roy's Rolls, even begging Adam for any unpaid wages of Todd's, but to no avail. Just as it seems salvation is on Billy's side with part-time chip shop shifts, Tracy finds out about his 'heroin holiday' and decides to evict them instead!!.

Narrowly avoiding eviction from 'Speed Daal', Zeedan is saved by Rana as Imran decides to invest in the Pakistani street food restaurant.

Over lunch with the Connors, Rana is accepted swiftly into the family which does little to allay her own feelings about the Habeeb clan. Kate also appears to be jealous about Imran's investment.

In other news, Aidan has discovered Summers secret crush on him, Mike asks Liz  on another date, and Angie decides to 'grow the figures' with a book-keeping gig at the florists!.

Anyway, that's me done for another week. Keep an eye out for tonight's 8.30pm episode review written by @glenn_writer 


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Tashacat said...

I was shocked that Liz breaced confidentiality by telling Tracy about Billy’s rehab.

Anonymous said...

David's behaviour is shocking. He is using a naive ( judging by her behaviour in the salon) young woman purely for his own sexual gratification/ validation.

Anonymous said...

Tisha cat. I agree. Wasn't it a breach of confidentiality that got Liz sacked from the health centre before?

Anon: Yes, David's behaviour with Emma is practically abuse.

Anonymous said...

Why is Billy so hard up? Is no longer a Vicar? I assumed he would be "on sick leave" while in a Church sponsored rehab.

Anonymous said...

Why would Kate be jealous that Imran is investing in Zeedan's business?It has nothing to do with her!
Is Kate a lesbian who hates men or is she that vile to want to see Zeedan's life destroyed even though she helped destroy his marriage?
I agree with the comments about David and I'm disappointed that the male rape storyline has been degraded to another sensational storyline for the Platts.
I'm also disappointed that it seems Josh won't get his comeuppance while his victim has become a 'villain'.

Anonymous said...

jeanie: And what about the manse Billy used to live in as vicar? A very nice house, I remember. He moved out because of his relationship with Todd, but surely he and Summer can move back in? Not to mention this guy, after years of being vicar, has NO savings at all? The whole thing is just so ridiculous, to see him grovelling and ranting at Adam for Todd's imaginary back pay!

Bifrost Group said...

jeanie: not to mention the eviction...Can you just evict someone like that and have them out on the street in a matter of hours (even if they owe arrears)? Don't you have to go to court to get an eviction notice, as in other countries???!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with all these comments. Absolutely hate the medical centre set-up which is now just another place for characters to meet. Liz and Moira might as well be Rita and Mavis in the Kabin. The whole eviction business was a joke and if Billy's employers sent him off for rehab, he's obviously on official sick leave. I'm guessing Josh's comeuppance will tie in with Martin's reappearance. They didn't make a big thing out of Martin coming back and it was great that he immediately fitted in. Even if Josh doesn't get taken to court, I hope Martin sorts him out.

maggie muggins said...

I'm not crazy about David's behaviour since the sexual assault, but I think this is to illustrate how when a male rape victim internalizes his feelings, doesn't tell anyone, doesn't report to police, and doesn't go for counselling, this is one potential type of acting out that can happen. I don't think the writers are going to let it go where it is now. In real life, way fewer men talk about this than women, and even women have a hard time reporting rape. So it does feel real, though very disturbing and frustrating.

The multiple plot holes in Billy's story of late are maddening. The whole storyline is nuts and how it's forcing the fallout of Summer's misery is even worse.

This is the problem with too many 'issue' stories at once and overlapping. No time to clean up loose ends, and give the writers some leeway and time when an actor unexpectedly leaves, i.e., Bruno Langley.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why aren't Children's Services looking into Summer's situation. I absolutely hate what the writers have done to Billy and cannot understand why he is homeless! Like another poster noted he used to live in the Manse belonging to the church why can't he and Summer live there! Has he been fired?


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