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Monday, 30 April 2018

Coronation Street Friday 27th April episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with my review of Friday’s Corrie!


It’s the seemingly grand opening of Speed Daal, yet another new addition to the show following the weird incorporation of Victoria Street. As the Nazirs are unpacking the van, Yasmeen finds herself having another neighbourly spat with Sally about the ownership of the fence they technically share. It was a little difficult to concentrate on the dialogue however, as I found myself wondering why I was suddenly craving a coffee from Costa. Oh yes, I’ll be because their argument was majorly jarred by the massive Costa plonked neatly behind them, the logo of the high street coffee giant that has popped up in a back street. However, their neighbourly problems are dwarfed by the drama thrust upon Zeedan and Rana on what is supposed to be the day of their new business venture.  Rana suffers a rude awakening in the form of her dad beating the front door down. He marches in and announces that her mother has been arrested, immediately pinning the blame on his daughter they tried to ship off to Pakistan last week, in a desperately daft attempt to cure her of her lesbianism.  Rana is mortified and despite her protests of innocence, her dad will have one of it. He bleats on about how she has destroyed the family she has brought such shame upon and then wishes she had never been born, like it was her choice in the first place. Still, Rana’s love for her family is undeterred as she visits the police station and drops all charges before storming over to the new restaurant to give Zeedan an earful. Turns out though, that she too has got the wrong end of the stick.  It was that do-gooder Kate who just felt that it was “the right thing to do”. All hail the moral conscience of Kate Connor. Not impressed with her girlfriend, Rana does a bit of free labour at her husband’s new restaurant, kissing him along the way, thus setting themselves both up for weeks of soap-style confusion and manufactured heartache, despite professing her love yet again to whinging Kate by the end of the episode.
The two sort-of fabulous farces going on in the Street ran neatly in Friday’s episodes. Let’s see if I can explain them in a way which will not come across as the tangled webs they are. It’s the day of Simon’s school presentation where he is to receive an award for his football skills. Upon learning that his dad is not planning to attend, he decides not to bother attending either, instead spending the afternoon with his mate Tyler, causing trouble and upsetting Summer. This backfires when Toyah persuades him to go and keep it as a surprise. Peter is furious to learn that he has skipped school yet again and immediately grounds him and bans all access to the Internet and phone. Peter forces him to apologise to his Aunty Stepmother but something tells me that this is not the end of Simon’s blackmail against Toyah. During a video call, a very pregnant Eva tells Toyah to call his bluff. There is no way he actually knows about the fake baby pregnancy plot thing, but Toyah thinks it is still best to keep going with the charade.  She drags the lie on even further by telling Peter that she has paid for her sister to go to America and do a beauty course, when as we know, she has paid for her to leave the area, pop out a baby and send it back to her to pass on as her own. Exciting stuff. Then there’s the laughable – but actually quite entertaining – farce involving Jude and Angie. It turns out that for years, Angie has thought her husband was a marine biologist. Ha! He works in the aquarium gift shop. It’s only now though that she’s starting to think he may telling untruths as he seems to always find an excuse to stop her from meeting his colleagues. She’s discussing her feelings with her new colleagues at the solicitors where she suddenly works as an accountant when he bursts in to tell her he has quit the profession.  She seems to accept this, but still can’t quite shake the feeling that something is not quite right. After he leaves the office, Rosie convinces her that he has been bullied out and encourages her to go in and fight for her husband. Oh dear.

Elsewhere, Sally and Yasmeen’s fight continues into the crime scene. Yasmeen, sick of putting up with the eyesore of a bird feeder that Sally has installed by the fence, enters Cllr Metcalfe’s property and attempts to forcibly remove it. A tackle not unlike the Anna vs Sally vs ketchup malarkey ensues, resulting in Audrey (who is round whinging about her woes with David) ends up being knocked to the ground. She is taken to hospital, where Yasmeen and Sally seem to (for now) realise how silly they have been. That does not mean they have called a truce entirely though. Audrey is rather glad to be back in hospital though, as she gets to see her new pal DJ Geoff again, who reveals to Yasmeen that he is Cllr Metcalfe’s father in law before suggesting the pair get together at Yasmeen’s community centre to do some charity work.

A good couple of episodes really. I still don’t like the new set. The blatant commercialism of it is not easy on the eye. But apart from that, the farcical storylines were interesting enough and I think Bhvana Limbachia must be praised highly for her acting throughout this pretty infuriating storyline with her disapproving parents.


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