Thursday, 19 April 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 18th of April 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog and the first of tonights two episode reviews.

Distraught at being caught in her recent tryst with Ali, Carla is frantically trying to contact Michelle.
Concerned with Michelle's sudden bruising (caused by Roberts steroid addiction), will Carla 'park' her relationship with Ali to seek her former best friends forgiveness?.

It's another quasi-incestuous 'family affair' no doubt, and we've quite a few of those on the street recently!

The Nazir/Habeeb/ Connor 'Ménage à trois' ( that's Moira's French influence), continues to cause more drama. 

With Rana and Kate looking to embark on a fresh start, can the return of Rana's mother and a sudden serious family illness, cause the star-crossed lovers further heartache?. Saira certainly causes Rana to ask fast and before you can say 'speed daal' a plane ticket to Pakistan is booked...

On the other side of Coronation Street, Eileen remains wallowing in self-pity, until Nicola pays her a visit. Trusting in Eileen's innocence, Nicola promises to keep a frail Eileen close to Phelan's grandchild's life. But as budding journo Daniel Osbournes case against Phelan builds, will it do more harm than good?.

Anyway, that's me done for another week. Keep an eye out for tonights 8.30pm episode review written by @glenn_writer.


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Anonymous said...

The writers are determined that Kate and Rana get together, by public demand, as 'star-crossed lovers' in the face of bigotry rather than the more problematic reality that this is an extra-marital affair where one of the parties had already made their choice to marry, rather than pursue the relationship. Coronation Street once again taking the temperature of public opinion and steering the course of the storyline accordingly, as seems to be happening with Phelan. I sense a similar thing happened with Todd and Billy's adoption of Summer, where the natural claims of the Grandparents were discarded in favour of adoption by strangers because the Grandmother was clearly a 'bigot', as this was deemed to be the preferred outcome.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comments above re Rana and Kate. My exact thoughts. I cannot wait for this story to be done; there is no chemistry between the two women, I think they rushed this 'passionate love' out of nowhere. I see more chemistry for a romance between Aiden and Sophie (and yes, I'm aware Sophie is a lesbian).
I also agree they are catering to the public with Phelan, but I am happy with that since he is the best character they've got. The public has got it right, in my opinion.
I think the intent was always there, to add Summer to the cast as an adoptee to Billy and Todd. I think the Grandmother had to be a bigot, in order for the adoption (or placement) of Summer to be believable, with Billy and Todd. I liked her character, very good actress.

Canadian fan, 2 weeks behind U.K. timeline

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Children's Services have not stepped in regarding Summer's guardianship. Of her supposed to be parents one has disappeared and the other is in rehab. Eileen who is acting like "Grandmother" is married to a serial killer and has left Summer with a neighbour? Eileen is in no condition to look after her properly. Seriously. In my humble opinion they need to recast Todd and have him and Billy raise her together or have her live with her grandparents. I am watching in Canada.

popcorn said...

I would like Corrie to bring back the "real" Todd. Surely, every sentence for a crime has an end point. Hopefully, at some point, the powers that be can decide that he has paid enough. I doubt Bruno Langley will ever commit the same crime again.

Bring Back Todd/Bruno.... said...

I absolutely, totally agree with you popcorn!

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