Thursday, 12 April 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 11th of April 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Coronation Street Blog's review of tonight's episodes.

Post-match analysis from the charity boxing match concludes that there's only one no real winner. Safely out of the 24 hr life/death danger zone, Gary quickly recovers and unleashes a soliloquy to Sarah, and questions Davids real reason for the furious assault. Released on bail, David plans a 'not guilty' plea. Witnessed by a huge crowd of Weatherfield residents though, can the hairdresser really escape another crime?

Over at Underworld, the factory knicker stitchers are quickly reassembled and Aidan relishes his new role at the helm.

With the unsuspecting father-to-be quickly winning new business, Eva attends an ante-natal class with Toyah. Filled with guilt and emotion, its evident that Eva still loves Aidan.

Meanwhile, looking fit and fully recovered following his successful boxing bout and cancer recovery, Robert is approached by a scout asking to him to pose for a calendar.

Before you can say' meat and two veg' Robert is half-naked in the bistro's kitchen. Will he be happy featuring in a cancer charity calendar as 'Mr August'?

Finding used steroid needles at the boxing venue, Zeedan consults Dr Ali in The Rovers, who concludes Davids' blind fury must have been caused by the class b drugs. Even though he denies all knowledge, has Ali given David the mitigating circumstances he so desperately needs before his court appearance?. Or did someone else use the drugs to convincingly win a different fight?

In the pub backroom, Eva's emotions are running high as she returns from the baby class. Overcome with guilt, Toyah calls off the baby deal. Will Eva now confess all to Aidan?

Anyway, that's me done for another week. Keep an eye out for tonights 8.30pm episode review written by @glenn_writes.


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Anonymous said...


We knew that Gary would be OK as there are spoilers all over the internet about him going after Phelan who is holed up in a caravan waiting to strike. Phelan goes after him with a baseball bat. Have they been watching Negan on The Walking Dead?

njblas said...

Gary has been hospitalised so many times that they now have a permanent hospital room for him:) Yet another miracle recovery heading our way...till next time:)

Anonymous said...

It amused me how the factory workers just got whirring away on their sewing machines without anybody telling them or showing them an example of what they were supposed to be making.

coconno196 said...

Anon 1324: that made me laugh too. Presumably the new machines would be state of the art too, so they'd need some training?

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