Friday, 27 April 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 25 April, 8.30pm

Tracy wants Billy out, as she has got all moral about his recent foray into Trainspotting territory. If I were her, I'd be ringing the Guiness Book of World Records, because he got clean mighty quick! And, she is far from clean cut, herself. 

Shona sticks up for Billy and tries to get Tracy to change her mind by having a word with another member of the Barlow clan. But, methinks she will not budge. 

Rana and Kate sit cosy in the Rivers and Zee comes in with the news that Rana's brother has invested in his business. Kate looks on with jealousy in her eyes. 

Summer has had a hard life. But she is becoming really mopey of late. Living with a killer, now a former addict and on the verge of being thrown out. She might actually be better off with her nan after all. I just want the kid to smile again. 

Rana misses her parents and wants to ring but after she speaks to her brother, he persuades her to not bother. Meanwhile Adam goes to his accountant Angie and explains how awful Tracy has been. So she lets slip that Ms Barlow is fiddling the books. Now Adam has something on his favourite relly. I smell another scam, as Angie goes off for a coffee and gives Adam permission to search for proof that Trace is cooking the books. 

Kate has joined the mopers and is annoyed that Rana misses her folks. You would do, as you would remember how they were, not as they are. The Platts have a meeting about David in the Rovers and how to get him away from his new apprentice/Lolita. 

Shona has a stand off with Tracey amongst the bouquets of the florist with Adam in tow. They blackmail her and do a deal re Billy's flat, to save him and Winter, I mean Summer! 

Alya gets irritated now, god It's spreading. Why? Because Rana's brother is helping Zee. She seems to have forgotten about her love affair of the century (I.e five minutes) with Luke though, so there's a bonus. 

The Platts confront David and stage a Platt intervention. They rightfully tell him that this is not the best place for the kids and that his new girlfriend has to go. David accepts that the kids have gotta go. He really needs help. 

Poor bloke. What is incredibly real and raw is the way this story is being handled. His mood swings, the way his behaviour and loyalties keep changing, it is all well written and explored. 

Rana and Kate babe a heart to heart about Imran's investment. Rana gets angry because her family are not there for her and she feels needs Zee. Kate explains that her folks hate what she is and tells her not to contact them. 

And the Wed episode finishes. Not the best one I have seen. As everyone feels like they are trapped in a Mike Leigh film, as there is a great deal of misery and melancholy at the moment. 

Hoping that wonderful writer Jonathan Harvey spices things up with his wonderfully witty writing, real soon. 

By Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn 

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Rapunzel said...

And as we know Aidan is leaving, we also know that Summer is about to lose yet another man she’s grown close to - yes, Winter is definitely coming!

Zagg said...

Get rid of Kate the predator. She’s like the creepy guy who isolates and alienates the friends and family of their mate. It’s weird and controlling.

J said...

I agree! She has no personality. She is a bully and screams abuser .

Anonymous said...

She is representative of people I've seen in real life, but very unlikeable

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