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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Corrie weekly update - April 14 2018

Nick’s Bistro is changed to Viaduct Bistro and it’s all go in there this week. First off Robot Robert gets a visit from a woman wanting him to take his shirt off so she can photograph him for a calendar as Mr August. He’s keen to do it until he finds out the calendar is in aid of a cancer charity. I still can’t understand why Robert blew up at this, but he did. Then in comes a fella who wants Robot Robert to be a boxer after he sees him in action at Luke Britton’s memorial boxing match. What the fella doesn’t know is that the reason Robot was so good at the boxing is because he’s on steroids.
No, not even steroid abuse can make Robot more interesting to this fan. But Carla’s clocked him buying the stuff from some fella at Kev’s garage and she takes them away from Robot, who simply goes to buy more while lying to Michelle.

Anyway, back to that boxing match. Rapist Josh is the referee and David loses his cool and belts ten shades of crap out of Gary Windass. Cue another hospital scene in which Gary asks Sarah to marry him, again, and she accepts, again. The engagement’s back on and Audrey and Gail aren’t best pleased.

Over at Underworld, Aidan struggles to cope with the responsibility of running the factory and managing the staff after Carla gifts him the place in exchange for donating his kidney.  There was a lovely scene when Sean wafted in to the newly reopened factory with a box of cakes for his ex-colleagues. Well, he’s working for a social media pop up in town now and he’s above knicker stitching, isn’t he? Not as much as he would have liked to think he was, he’s clearly missing them all but Aidan hasn’t got time for a chat with Sean about giving him his job back.

I really felt for poor Aidan this week after Eva puts him through the wringer. She tells him she’s pregnant and that the baby’s his and then after a chat with Toyah she goes back to Aidan, tells him the baby’s not his, it’s Adam’s and she wants nowt to do with him.  Argh, etc. She gets in a cab and leaves ‘for America’ although where she’s really gone, and why, and for how long, is anyone’s guess. Poor Aidan, though. He doesn’t deserve any of this.

In the back room of the Rovers, Simon nicks £20 from Toyah’s purse and lies about it to Leanne and Peter when they question him about the missing money. Simon knows there’s something going on between Toyah and Eva when he eavesdrops on their conversation and hears them talking about keeping a secret from Peter.

Elsewhere this week, Craig’s OCD doesn’t stop him from passing his assessment to join the police force proper. And Audrey’s out of hospital and moves in with Gail to recuperate.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Why would Audrey move into David's jam packed house when she has a perfectly lovely bungalow of her own. You'd think Gail would go there to look after her?

Anonymous said...

Of course, but that would be like real life...

coconno196 said...

Craig told Alya that joining the police was all he'd ever wanted to do. Since when? He was a keen and talented artist at school /college. The police thing only came about after he froze when Kylie was stabbed. He wanted to make up for his failure to save her. Scriptwriters rewriting history again.

Anonymous said...

Whilst wheeling Audrey into the house, Gail thanked her mum for staying there. She says Audrey would be there 24-7 to keep an eye on David and his behaviour

Anonymous said...

That Simon is a nasty one. Are the writers trying to turn him into David Platt mark two?


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