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Monday, 16 April 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 16th April

Never mind last Monday's boxing, tonight's the big match; Connor vs Connor. Michelle is experimenting with egg white scrambled eggs and family get-togethers. She has set up a WhatsApp GroupChat (name of group = Dysfunction & Semi-Incest) in order to invite everyone 'round for tea. Carla uses her charms to get Dr Ali to sound out Robert re: his steroid (ab)use and Roy uses his charms to invite himself along to the dinner party to stop Carla getting into trouble. You know, cougar trouble. Ali sneaks off to the corridor and Carla sneaks after him and soon there's more steam in there than in the kitchen. Obviously Michelle catches them at it, and chucks everyone out (even though a soused Jenny hasn't yet had her main) and the mother of all fights ensues. I was expecting a campy cat-fight, but I actually ended up feeling really sorry for the both of them. The rest of the invitees decamp to the pub and after some chit-chat, Johnny finally agrees that he and Jenny will move to Spain asap - that is until Kate rushes in all upset (see below) and we get an excellent Jenny Bradley face.

Rana is still ill and Zeedan is still looking after her and Kate is still hanging around. You know, the best these crazy kids could do is form a polyamorous relationship. But this is Corrie, not Hollyoaks, and so Zeedan goes off to get a dishwasher from Cumbria (?) and Kate enters through, erm, the back door for flu-y smooches. Mr and Mrs Habeeb decide to surprise Rana who is indeed very surprised when Alya lets them into number six and another couple is rumbled. Alya rushes off to the new set of Speed Daal and attempts to let Zeedan in on the secret, but finds out that she was the only one who didn't know about Kana. She stomps out after telling her brother he's a hypocrite after the way he treated her when he found out she knew about Sharif's affair, and stomps into the pub where everyone finds out about what's been going in. Meanwhile, the Habeebs tell Rana they're done with her.

Toyah "admits" that she "misplaced" the £20 note that Simon nicked. This is a bit of a dangerous Simon Says game that Aunty Toyah is getting into. Toyah quits the pub for the afternoon to visit Eva to tell her that Simon knows. Eva points out that Simon would have screwed more than £20 out of Toyah if he knew the whole deal. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to pretend that our step-sister's baby is our surrogate's.

Summer, having been carer for dying Drew, then carer for addict Billy is now carer for depressed Eileen. However, Ei manages to get it together enough to cook tea for her step-granddaughter.
Daniel has tracked down Flora, Vinny's mum. Since he indirectly caused Vinny's death, he now feels responsible for her reduced circumstances. Ken joins Sinead in the pub and they both tell Daniel not to get obsessive over it. This falls on deaf lugs as Daniel visits Eileen to tell her she needs to take some responsibility for the consequences of Phelan's actions, whether that be Flora in a nasty care-home or Anna still in prison. Free the Weatherfield one! Again!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Best part of tonight, Jenny's wonderfully sour face. The actress is great: she doesn't gurn or do OTT smirking. It's a subtle look *away* from the camera rather *into* the camera as some other actors do. Much more fun.

Shells said...

Good gracious, who would have sex with your secret lover in the middle of the day on the couch in the living room in the house where your extended family and any of their guests could see you? LOL! Yikes.

Llal said...

I hope Kate catches Rana’s cold, for continuity purposes. Who snogs someone when they’re that snotty and infectious‽ Laugh out loud scenes with Jenny Bradley though, brilliant. Much needed hilarity. She is a joy.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Why do writers always talk about Simon falling under the bad influence of this person or that person? Maybe HE is the bad influence!

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for Jenny this time.
Johnny postponing the move to Spain while Carla and Aidan were recovering from their surgeries made sense but to delay the move again because of Kate's messed up love life is ridiculous!
Kate is a big girl who can turn to Carla or Michelle if necessary.
I agree with Daniel as Eileen who did not heed Anna's warnings about Phelan should take some responsbility and help both Flora and Anna.

coconno196 said...

Shells: the answer is "so they can get caught", of course😀. And in most cases the sofa is so small that it would be quite a gymnastic feat to have sex on it. Also, why do sick people lie around on the sofa, constantly getting disturbed by family, flatmates and visitors? Why don't they just stay in bed?

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, someone please smack Simple Simon in his stupid, smug face! (Not that I condone violence, but I will make an exception in his case!)


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