Monday, 16 April 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 16 April

CARLA ENLISTS SOME HELP Michelle plans a family dinner and invites Ali, Aidan, Carla, Roy, Jenny and Johnny. In the cafe Carla asks Ali about steroid abuse and he realises she is talking about Robert and agrees to help. At Michelle’s Ali quizzes Robert about his gym routine and warns him not to overdo it.
KATE AND RANA WANT TIME ALONE Kate hears Robert talking on the phone to a mate in Cumbria who wants to sell a dishwasher. Having despatched Zeedan off to get it Kate calls round at Rana’s so they can spend some time alone. Heading over to No.6 Alya meets Rana’s parents and lets them in to the house. What will they find?
SIMON CONTINUES TO MANIPULATE TOYAH Toyah is forced to tell Peter she realises she misplaced the £20 and Simon didn’t steal it after all.
ELSEWHERE Liz is worried about Eileen who is still very depressed and not really leaving the house. Daniel tells Sinead he has tracked Flora (Vinny’s mum) down.

Monday 16th April 2018

RANA AND KATE’S SECRET IS OUT Alya is stunned to realise Rana is gay and that her parents already knew. Calling at the restaurant she is shocked to discuss that Zeedan was also aware of this.
CARLA AND MICHELLE HAVE IT OUT Having realised what is going on between Ali and Carla, Michelle sends everyone home except Carla. The pair have it out, what will Carla do?
EVA TELL TOYAH TO CONTAIN SIMON Toyah visits Eva at the cottage and tells her that Simon knows about their secret.
ELSEWHERE Eileen pulls herself together cleans the house and makes a meal for her and Summer.

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