Saturday, 14 April 2018

Wedding number EIGHT for Steve McDonald?

Steve McDonald, it's fair to say, is no stranger to wedding cake.

So far, Steve has had seven weddings and five wives. 

He's been married to:

Wife No 1  and Wedding No 1 - Vicky Arden

Wife No 2 and Wedding Nos 2 and 3 - Karen. He married her twice

Wife No 3 and Weddings Nos 4 and 5 - Becky - who was too drunk to say 'I Do' first time around.

Wife No 4 and Wedding No 6 - Tracy

 Wife No 5 and Wedding No 7 - Michelle 

You can read all about them all here.

And now, there are tabloid reports that Steve is going to propose to Tracy Barlow - again.

The tabloids say that if Tracy and Steve do get re-married, this will be Steve's SEVENTH wedding ceremony. They're wrong.  It will actually be his EIGHTH. 

Come on tabloids, do keep up. 

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