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Coronation Street Friday 13th April episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with my late-as-is-reasonably-possible thoughts on Friday’s trip to Weatherfield. Now that the Phelan storyline has taken a backseat for however long, the episodes were easy to watch. So, where to start with this undoubtedly slapdash review? Well, how about one of the most slapdash storylines so far this year? The completely farcical drama which Eva and Toyah have cooked up along with the hotpots really took another turn. As we know (but no one on the Street seems to have noticed), Eva is seven months pregnant with Aidan’s baby. Although she originally promised to give the baby to Toyah to secretly bring up as her own following the failure of her surrogate, the blonde bombshell of the Street was having second thoughts earlier in the week. Having finally revealed her pregnancy to Aidan earlier in the week, she was having second thoughts, hoping that they could reconcile. Aidan’s scepticism sends her straight back to the original plan and now the fake baby/mother thing is back on. There’s just one problem. When the plan was off the other day, Toyah left excited sort-of-not-really-dad-to-be Peter asking to talk. Fortunately, he has lost his phone and is currently oblivious to the big reveal that is not to be now.  While Eva finds Aidan and successfully begs him not to tell anyone about her pregnancy (which is totally unnoticeable at seven months), Toyah looks in all the kitchen cupboards for Peter’s phone, surprisingly to no avail. It turns up in the kebab shop and Dev hands it back to Peter. When he listens to the message, he worriedly confronts Toyah, asking what she needs to tell him. Having already decided that the plan is definitely 100% back on (for now), she announces that the baby they’re sort-of-not-really expecting is a girl. During this time, Eva has decided it is time to go. She packs a bag and tells Leanne that she is off to do some sort of course.  The pair are far from out of the woods yet though. Simon has thrown a massive spanner in the works. He stole £20 from Toyah’s purse the other day and although she cannot prove it, Toyah is pretty certain it was him. Unfortunately though, Simon overheard Eva and Toyah discussing the plan and has now blackmailed Aunty Toyah into forgetting all about her £20.

We got glimpses of the old Carla in Friday’s episodes. The fiery, feisty woman who is like a dog with a bone when she sees something is wrong. After a used steroid syringe is discovered after the charity boxing match, all fingers are pointing to David who savagely beat up Gary Windass. However, Carla pretty quickly finds the truth when she catches Robert red handed. In the interests of her sister-in-law Shell, she’s straight on the case asking what the hell he’s playing at. He tries to bluff that it is all in the name of fitness and eventually confides in Carla how he feels with just one testicle left following his very quick cancer storyline last year, making sure to get that testicular vs breast cancer slant on the issue in by asking her how she’d feel if she only had one breast. She offers him an ultimatum: if he stops using the steroids, she will keep schtum. If not, well, does Carla ever admit defeat? (Well, she did to Tracy of all people, when she left for Devon but we don’t talk about that.) Carla takes the steroids with her in her handbag, but Robert is straight back on the phone to his supplier.  Things take a turn for the cringeworthy worst when Michelle, Queen of Monogamous Paranoia, decides that Robert has been sleeping with Carla when she spots a used mug with her lipstick on. She has a little paddy and then starts to rightfully believe him again.

 Elsewhere, Audrey’s back from hospital! But that doesn’t stop the Platts needing to visit since Gary has checked in this week following his boxing match beating. In the most unconventional of settings, Gary asked Sarah to be Mrs Windass. Sarah Windass? I don’t think so. She’ll always be Sarah Platt to me – and to those slightly older, Sarah-Lou.  I think that’s everything. Oh, and Rana had the flu so Zeedan used this as an opportunity to play nurse and try to claim back his relationship with his ex-lover lesbian which is currently a marriage of convenience.

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