Monday, 30 April 2018

Peter Barlow's Ways With The Weatherfield Women

A character I've really come to love over the last year is none other than Peter Barlow. With quite a colourful history on the cobbles, Peter has somewhat gained the reputation of a... dare I say it? Weatherfield womaniser? Not anymore perhaps but that man has had more affairs than I've had plates of hotpot, so I thought it would be fun to go back in time and try and work out why Mr Barlow was such a hit with the ladies of Weatherfield...

Let's begin with Lucy Richards (keep your hat on, I know she isn't Peter's first wife). After having returned from the Navy, Peter was back on the cobbles and very quickly became a notorious philanderer. Peter began a relationship with Rover's barmaid Shelley Unwin, but failed to remain loyal when Lucy also managed to seduce Peter. The web of lies in this relationship gives me a bit of a headache. Okay so, Peter ended his affair with Lucy, and became engaged to Shelley. However, upon finding out that Lucy was pregnant, Peter somehow managed to marry her.

Despite having a whole wedding, Shelley didn't have a clue, and also married Peter. Not only is this bigamy, but it's not really a nice thing to do, is it? Mind you, back then Peter hardly had a reputation for being nice, did he? Anywho, it didn't take long for Shelley to find out about Peter's other wife before both women binned him off.

You'd think all of these marital woes would put Peter off marriage, or at the very least teach him a lesson. Of course not. Leanne Battersby was next to fall foul of Peter's infidelity, although she was having an affair with Nick Tilsley, but that's another blog post for another time.

Much like Sarah and Gary are now, Peter and Leanne were forever splitting up and getting back together. Despite the numerous lies, the pair finally got engaged and with Peter sure he was going to die as a result from the tram crash, he and Leanne got married in the hospital. How romantic. Or it would be, if Peter's wandering eye would give it a rest. Alas, Peter found Miss Carla Connor. This relationship was incredibly explosive from start to finish and their passionate affair resulted in the end of his marriage to Leanne.

Sure of his new love for the factory boss, is this finally where Peter settles down? No, don't be so foolish, we tell ourselves. Along comes another barmaid, this time in the form of young Tina McIntyre. This affair would ultimately result in the death of Tina, which I'm still bitter about. I was a big fan of Tina, and she could do so much better than Peter. Of course, so can Carla, but they seem so right together, especially now seeing as he seems to be a changed man.

That leads us on to Peter's current lady in his life, Toyah Battersby. Albeit it's a tad strange that Simon's mum (Leanne) is Toyah's sister, but such as life. Landlord and landlady of the Rover's, Toyah and Peter seem destined for a life together. But with this whole baby secret, it doesn't seem that they'll be living in bliss for long. I have nothing against Toyah, but you know Peter, Carla's single. Sort of. Is she with Ali or not? Anyway, I digress. I would be very interested in a Carla and Peter reunion.

And there we have it. I'm sure many of you need a strong cup of tea after that, I know I do. It remains a mystery to me how Peter has managed to walk so many women up the aisle with his track record with romance so public among the streets of Weatherfield, but it depends on how gullible they are to his charm I guess. If it all ends in tears with Toyah, I wonder who will be next?

Sophie Williams

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

I'm keen to see a Peter and Carla reunion too. I know Peter cheated but something doesn't feel right about the two of them being on the same street but not together. They always brought the drama and they certainly delivered the passion.

I think it's time to reunite Burton and Taylor, Corrie. Sorry, I meant Peter and Carla.

Anonymous said...

Chris Gascoyne is such a good actor. They need to give him more to do.

C in Canada said...

I love Peter behind the bar, he's a real natural.
I hate Peter with Toyah, it seems very unnatural.
End of.

Anonymous said...

Still not sure how Peter and pale blonde Lucy managed to produce Simon... a black child

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