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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Corrie weekly update, April 28 2018

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Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield. 

The big story this week has been Kate and Rana, who I just can’t be doing with so I’m afraid that I zone out and fall asleep when they come on screen.  After Rana’s mother kidnapped her, Kate rings the police and gets her arrested. Rana’s not best pleased and neither is Kate when she walks into Zeedan’s new venture, Speed Daal, to find Rana and Zeedan getting along again.  Anyway, as I said, this storyline bores me silly and I wish it was over. 

Over at Underworld, Summer saves the fortunes of the knicker factory when she spots the maths isn’t right on an order they’ve received. No-one else spots the error, not Aidan or Alya or Carla.  After she spends a day’s work experience at the factory, Summer leaves behind her notebook in which she’s scribbled love notes about Aidan Connor on whom she’s got a crush. I love Summer, she’s complex and difficult and everything she touches crumbles into dust. Watch out, Underworld.

Seb’s mum Abi turns up again and Eileen takes her in at No. 11. Abi has spent time in prison where she’s learned a thing or two about motors and offers Tyrone some advice in the garage. She’s like a back-street Charlene from Neighbours. Struth!

David takes salon apprentice Emma home with him, to bed, and tells his family she’s moving in with him. They all know David’s going through a crisis and Gary tries to have a word with him. There’s a moment, just the tiniest moment, where it looks as if David might open up to Gary and tell him what happened between him and Josh, before David shuts down again. Maria also tries to get David to open up about what’s on his mind and he lunges at her for a snog, but she pushes him away.

Liz goes on a date in the Bistro with new fella Mike. I like Mike. I like Liz. I love the two of these together, but sadly actor Louis Emerick who plays Mike was only brought in to the show for three months so there’s no chance of a long-term relationship for Liz this time. What a missed opportunity, there.

Billy returns from rehab this week and wants to move back into this flat, but Tracy refuses, saying he owes her back rent. However, Shona and Adam get involved after Angie reveals that she’s been doing Tracy’s books for the florist shop and Tracy’s been cooking the books.  Shona and Adam blackmail Tracy with this information and Tracy has no choice but to allow Billy and Summer to move back into the flat. Shona moves in too, which was a nice touch.

HOPSITAL SCENE KLAXON.  In a silly fight over a bird feeder in Sally’s garden with Yasmeen, Audrey falls and hurts herself and ends up in hospital. Jeff the hospital radio DJ comes to say hello and Audrey’s all a-quiver at meeting him again. But it seems as if Jeff has his eye on all the ladies, not just Mrs Roberts as he gives Yasmeen his business card and suggests they get together later on.

And finally this week, the absolutely bonkers baby storyline of Eva and Toyah rumbles on. Peter’s a shadow of the man he once was, Toyah’s snuffing the life out of him with her designer-chintz blouses. And Simon’s becoming an unruly teenager. 

Not the best week on the street, not by a long mile.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Where'sEmily?? said...

You forgot the part about Jude and his lying about his job. Boring is right. Someone came up with a Phelan hit would be a goodtime for him to come back and tidy up the loose ends

Anonymous said...

Time for a Rovers coach trip ... and have Pat cut the brakes!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Definitely a dull week on the Street. I hope Jeff is going to turn out to be a player, and he'll want to keep a string of mature ladies on the go. That would be more fun than just creating a senior love triangle with Audrey and Yasmeen. Couldn't be more bored with Jude and his problems. It seems impossible that during their marriage, Angie hasn't discovered the truth about Jude's educational qualifications. Toyah's return has been a disaster. Such a shame when they could have done so much with the character, and it's killed whatever charisma Peter had stone dead. Perhaps I'm too much into conspiracy theories, but one of my own is that Mike has been shoved out of the way to make room for Jim McDonald's reappearance on the Street. Liz could have had two suitors but perhaps that kind of story line is going to Jeff. I didn't actually take to Mike but he might have grown on me. I'd like to see some scenes with Tim and Jenny. They could be a really good dry comedy team. As for Eva's baby, zzzzzzzz.

JennyMac said...

It is all getting to be a right old mess isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried Georgia Taylor will quit, seeing as Toyah hasn't been given a good storyline. And Peter has been dull as dishwater, his talent is wasted currently!

Anonymous said...

So we now have Nicola, Seb and Abi living with Eileen another home with many bedrooms. And how many bedrooms does Billy’s flat have? And how old is Summer a bit young for work experience I would have thought. Stupid storyline about the Eva, Toyah and the baby. Also stupid story about Jude and his job I would have thought a marine biologist would earn a lot more than someone working in a gift shop. Have to agree I would have thought Angie would have cottoned onto Jude about his job

Anonymous said...

I would like Georgia To go. Waste of space ruined by stupid stories.

maggie muggins said...

Well, thank goodness our blog writers are still entertaining, and very funny!

Anonymous said...

Designer chintz blouses, lol


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