Friday, 11 August 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 11 August

CHESNEY HAS A MASSIVE SETBACK When Fiz spots Daniel chatting to Sinead, her suspicions are aroused, especially when she clocks her putting some sexy underwear in her bag. Furious Fiz confronts Sinead, but when Sinead reveals she’s trying to make an effort for Chesney, Fiz apologises. Meanwhile Chesney starts back at work only to find himself faced with a rowdy bunch of lads on a stag night. As the lads become more boisterous, Chesney suffers a panic attack and runs from the kebab shop struggling for breath.
HAS EVA BEEN FOUND OUT? Aidan excitedly confirms the sale has gone through and they now own their flat. But when he opens the post, Aidan confronts Eva, wanting to know why she failed to mention her first scan.
SARAH CATCHES GARY OFF GUARD Joe runs through the details of the security job with Gary and reminds him to make a will. Gary’s taken aback. To Gary’s horror, Sarah suggests she might like to join him on his Hamburg trip.
ELSEWHERE Struggling to remember what she had for her breakfast, Rita masks her worry whilst Gemma fails to notice anything wrong. Having observed the lack of chemistry between Steve and Leanne, Liz reckons Steve needs to sort out his sex life. Steve orders Liz to stop interfering. On a mission to help Mrs Banks with her divorce, Rosie and an oblivious Tim set about cleaning the windows at Mr Banks’ house. When Rosie spots Mr Banks with his mistress through a chink in the curtains, she takes pictures on her phone.

CHESNEY FINDS IT IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK TO SINEAD Dev’s horrified to find the kebab shop unmanned and some lads helping themselves to kebabs. As Rana and Liz tend to Chesney, Rana explains he’s had a panic attack brought on by stress. Chesney makes them promise not to tell anyone. Back at home Sinead cooks a special meal for Chesney as he paints on a smile, masking his inner anxiety.
Thinking on her feet, Eva tells Aidan the scan isn’t for another hour and she’ll meet him at the hospital. How is she going to get out of this one? At Toyah’s suggestion, Eva prints off a scan photo from the internet to fool Aidan
REALITY STARTS TO HIT HOME FOR GARY Gary explains to Sarah that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her join him in Hamburg as he needs to give the job 100%. Will Sarah accept this?
ELSEWHERE Pleased with her handywork, Rosie emails the photos to Mrs Banks. Mary calls in the Rovers with flowers for Leanne. Will they have the desired effect?

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Anonymous said...

Why does Rosie wear slippers to clean windows? I would think rubber boots would be a heck of a lot more practical. Does Sophie not help with the windows any longer?

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