Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Pics: Has Corrie killed off Mel?


Yesterday we posted a link to paparazzi pictures showing Bethany fighting with Mel in a new twist in the grooming storyline.  You can find out more here.

And since then, more paparazzi pictures have emerged showing Colson Smith, as Craig Tinker, being called to the scene wearing his police uniform.

It appears as if young Craig has to ID a body that has been left on the train tracks. I can't imagine for one minute that it'd be Bethany that Coronation Street are killing off, not after the long summer of the grooming storyline and the way in which actress Lucy Fallon most surely deserve every award that comes her way.

And so, I wonder if they're killing off Mel or perhaps the other young girl, Lara? Someone who is involved in the grooming storyline who isn't in jail and banged up. That rules out, I would think, Nathan and Neil.

A few months ago I wrote a blog post asking if there were too many paprazzi pictures being released around Corrie's upcoming storylines. If you'd like to, you can read it here.

It doesn't seem to have got any easier for the show with photographers chasing them, I'd imagine, for gossip and pictures on the stories. Now, I love spoilers, I really love them and I'll always link to paparazzi pictures because I enjoy knowing what's coming in advance, but I know not everyone feels the same. So, apologies. But I do wish Corrie would close down the paparazzi and film in locations that they're not allowed access to.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Do we know when the trial starts? It can't be Bethany because I think the actress has already talked about giving evidence. If it's Mel, some might say it was poetic justice while others would say she was as much a victim as Bethany. It might be Lara but she hasn't made much of an impression. All padding before the trial. As for the photos, this is a storyline which is being drawn out and there isn't any tension to spoil.

Maricha said...

I hope it's Mel or Nathan. They're both terrible people. Officer Neal should go to jail to spend a few years with the people he arrested while being no better or much worse than them.

Anonymous said...

How can it be Nathan, he's in prison. Also local newspaper stories state that Craig has to identify a woman's body. I really don't Nathan has escaped prison,do you?

Maricha said...

Is Nathen back in or still out? I can't keep track anymore. Well, it must be Mel then. I think Craig may have seen her but not Lara although it's odd that he would be asked to identify relative strangers.

Anonymous said...

He's still in. No escaping

Maricha said...

Thanks for telling me :-) and good that he's in. I hope it's for an extended stay.

Tvor said...

Very likely Mel, as an expendable crew member. Or Lara pulling Bethany out of the way and getting killed herself.

Zagg said...

No slam to the actress, but I couldn't care less. Every time Mel is mentioned I have to stop and think who the heck she is.She was a disposable character from the beginning. I'm just not feeling any empathy for these characters they keep bringing in, like Mel, Shona or Nicola.

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