Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Mikey North Interview: Gary leaves Weatherfield

It's no secret to regular Coronation Street Blog readers that Mikey North, who plays Gary Windass, is a favourite of mine. I know I'm old enough to be his grandma mother older sister but there's something about him that makes him very watchable from my end of the sofa in our house.

And in this week's Inside Soap magazine there's an excellent interview with Mikey who talks about Gary's current storyline which sees him thinking about moving away from Weatherfield.

Mikey says: "Gary gets himself into thousands of pounds worth of debt. He gets a job on a building site and doesn't take out the right insurance, he just assumes that his employer has covered him. But Gary ends up falling from a roof and causing massive amounts of damage, which leaves him owing £10,000."

As a way to pay the debt, Gary considers taking up the security job in the Ukraine that his old army mate Joe has told him about.

"I would absolutely advise Gary that this is the wrong thing to do," Mikey says. "I think either Izzy or Alya would say to him 'There couldn't be a worse job for you to be doing!'. The trouble is that Gary feels he has a bit of unfinished business as his stay in Afghanistan was cut short. He wants to prove himself that he can do this and be a man."

Mikey says that the last six months on Corrie have been his favourite to shoot as Gary Windass.  "It's been great. I feel as if we're getting back to the gritty nature of Gary and who he really is."

It'll be interesting to see how Gary's secret life of working in high-danger situations pans out and Mikey tells Inside Soap magazine that it is going to be one heck of a ride.

"Gary is going to come back troubled," he says. "And things will happen out there that he's not going to let on to anyone to start with, even to Sarah. But the audience will know what's going on. And then things will gradually get worse and worse..."

Crikey, this sounds properly dramatic. I wonder how we, the audience, will know what's been going on? Interesting times ahead for Gary and Corrie, I think.

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Anonymous said...

At least he says "Gary is going to come back troubled"...

Anonymous said...

When has Gary not come back 'troubled'. What is the point of this character anymore? He's barely on and then it's just to shout into his cell..they need to do something with him other than following idiot Sarah around.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Will we soon hear that Mikey North has an acting engagement somewhere else? That's fine if the actors come and go, as long as their temporary exit stories are reasonable.

Scott Willison said...

Mikey North's wife had a baby earlier this year; perhaps he wants some time with his new family.

J said...

He probably gets pimped out in eastern europe lol the way corrie writers won't let that story end...

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