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Corrie weekly update: Slack Alice, Chachi - and Romeo in Overalls

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First off this week, one of the highlights for me twas the rather drunken scene in the back room of the Rovers with Leanne, Toyah and Eva. Eva’s secret about being pregnant is blurted out by Leanne, further strengthening the bond between the three of them, who proceed to get very, very drunk and sing. I love stuff like this, it’s stuff on which Corrie was built and long may it continue, including the three of them slagging off Maria with Toyah (by way of writer Jonathan Harvey) calling Maria “Slack Alice of the Salon.”  Ooh, shut that door.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Oliver move into the Streetcars flat with Steve and Liz where they play happily families. It’s nice, it’s sweet and Leanne presents Steve with two Weatherfield County football shirts, one large with DADDY on the back and a small one with SON.  When Leanne puts the Jaws DVD on for them to watch in the flat, the DUR-DUR…. DUR-DUR… of the danger of the shark provides the perfect backdrop for Steve to mooch his way along the sofa and propose. Leanne’s had a bit too much to drink and so runs back to the Rovers to tell Toyah and Eva what Steve’s just said. They take the mickey out of her but Leanne gets defensive and calls him ‘My Steve’.  It’s a wonderful storyline and I can just picture these two together, running the bar like the new Jack and Vera. Bring it on!

Michelle’s bundled into the boot of a car this week and bound and gagged. I know, right? That should be one of the most dramatic, exciting lines of the weekly update but this whole Rich / Robert revenge thing has dragged on too long. Robert is dull, dull, dull. They get rid of Erica but keep him? Please, make it stop.  Anyway, Michelle’s ex-boyfriend Will turns up to date Maria, making us wonder if he might be the one behind the campaign of hate directed at the Bistro, not Rich.

An investor (unseen but oft mentioned) wants to buy a property on the street with the choice of either Kev’s garage or Dev’s gym to buy. It’s the gym that goes under the hammer and is sold.

In Roy’s Rolls Toyah talks to Izzy about surrogacy and the two of them have a long chat. What was interesting about this was that when Tina the surrogate was mentioned Peter didn’t even as much as flinch at the mention of the name.  

Also this week, the DNA test proves that Phelan is definitely Nicola’s dad, but when they arrange to go for dinner to celebrate at the Bistro, Phelan stands his daughter up. He’s elsewhere, at church, giving confession to a priest. “I’m not a good man, father,” he says. “There’s something I’ve done… something I’m still doing…”  Whatever could it be?

And finally...  is the sad news that Erica left. I always liked Erica but got the feeling that Corrie never knew what to do with her. She had a bust-up with Dev after Mary told him about her almost-bunk-up with Kev and the next thing we know, Erica’s in the back of a taxi on her way to the airport to fly back to Spain.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Tilly Flop said...

I loved Friday night's episodes. Thought the 3 girls bonding over a bottle of voddy scenes were great. But that's the first time since get return that I feel we've seen the true Toyah of old. Also loved the scenes with Steve and Leanne in the flat. Could it work? Maybe. The only downer was the continuing Robert/Michelle storyline. Please make it stop

Humpty Dumpty said...

I want to see the sisters performing 'We are Family' at a Rovers knees-up. More and more, I'm getting behind the idea of Steve and Leanne. The actors can make it work. Who would have thought Tim and Sally would be so brilliant? Writers, don't split either couple up. No matter how many times Tristan and Kym get interviewed, nobody gives a flying fig about Robert and Michelle.

popcorn said...

So the flat above Streetcars has 3 bedrooms? (one for Steve, one for Liz and one for Leanne & Oliver?)

Lily Bigfield said...

Erica also had the required personality transplant to facilitate her departure; her sudden determination to keep Dev because of the job offer, and her meanness to Mary was so out of character. And not even saying goodbye to Liz! She was a great asset to the Street, and so under-used. Michelle/Robert.....zzzzzzz....wake me up when it's over!

Anonymous said...

Dev's line - how did it go - "nothing like the smell of a desperate, middle-aged woman." At that point, for our collective pride, any minute she stayed on the Street was a minute too long.

Rapunzel said...

I really don't like characters like Erica are debased before they depart. Almost as though it is a punishment for the actor choosing to leave on his/her own terms, TPTB make it virtually impossible for them to ever return.

Cobblestone said...

If that were the case, why did Liz initially go to stay with Erica? Someone must be sleeping on the sofa.

Cobblestone said...

I made exactly the same point earlier today. How dare Claire King have the temerity to quit!

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