Saturday, 5 August 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

It's been another cracking week in Weatherfield this week. Time then, to take a look back at 5 things we learned this week.

1. Mary loves Chachi.  She had a crush on Scott Baio when she was younger. She also revealed that her shoulders were her most favourite feature and she had cute ear lobes. I'm sure Chachi would have approved.

2.  Tina McIntyre - street siren and surrogate. She was mentioned when Toyah and Izzy were talking about how Tina acted as the surrogate for Izzy and Gary's baby. And Peter's response? Not a flicker. Not a flamin' flicker.

3. Pat Phelan cried tears, real tears. There is a soul inside there somewhere.

4. More middle names were revealed this week as we heard Norris on the phone to arrange his wedding to Mary. He's Norris Benjamin Cole and she's Mary Elspeth Taylor.

5. Kevin Webster is "Romeo in Overalls" according to Dev.  And if you like your Corrie with a splash of Shakespeare, you just might like to have a look at this!

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Anonymous said...

I think there was a storyline years ago when Curly Watt's wife Emma was in labour [at home]and Norris helped deliver their son which Curly and Emma named Ben in Norris' honour as gratitude for his help[Norris didn't want them to use his first name].

Abercrombie said...

I don't know about Romeo in Overalls, but I want to say I cannot STAND Kevin Webster. Who, who, please someone tell me who, would be attracted to him. Bad tempered, self pitying bed hopper when he isn't getting any.

Tvor said...

6. Dev has a secret stash of not family friendly dvds. :)

Scott Willison said...

Was Tina actually mentioned by name? I thought they danced around it without bringing her up.

Louby said...

Totally agree. He could disappear without trace before the next episode and I wouldn't care. It must be quite depressing for Michael L-V to play such a miserable character.

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