Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 5 July

MICHELLE’S SHOCKED BY ROBERT’S REVELATION Michelle is shocked by what Robert tells her about his past. Michelle hugs Robert as he fights back the tears. As Robert surveys the police tape surrounding the bistro, he laments to Leanne that he’s only been the sole owner for 24 hours. Leanne’s gutted to realise Nick’s sold his share and clearly has no intention of coming back. Robert calls Rich and tells him he’s prepared to do one deal for him.
EVA WANTS TO PLAY AIDAN AT HIS OWN GAME Making out he’s got to work late, Aidan presents Eva with a voucher for a spa and suggests she takes the day off and treats one of her friends. Eva masks her anger. Eva calls in the salon and invites Maria to join her for a spa day. Maria accepts and confides in David that she plans to use the opportunity to tell Eva the truth about Aidan. As Aidan heads out of the factory, he’s horrified to see Eva and Maria setting off in the car together. David enjoys revealing Maria’s plans to tell Eva everything.
BILLY AND TODD’S PAY THEIR LAST RESPECTS Billy and Todd arrive for Drew’s funeral. They’re hurt when the vicar explains that Drew’s parents want family only at the service. Despite the vicar’s warning, Billy and Todd enter the church, determined to pay their respects to Drew.
ELSEWHERE When the factory girls receive invitations to Johnny and Jenny’s wedding, Jenny’s furious, realising this is Johnny’s way of trying to win her back. In the factory, Matthew Singh approaches Jenny and telling her how sorry he was to hear about her splitting up from Johnny, invites her on a date. Jenny explains that it’s too soon, but not to be deterred, Matthew puts his number into her phone. Fiz orders Sinead to go home and parks herself at Chesney’s bedside, praying that he’ll make a full recovery.

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Grief is a Funny Thing... said...

I am disappointed to read that Billy in particular will disrespect the wishes of Drew's family by crashing their funeral for Drew. I am a Funeral Director/Embalmer by trade and whether or not you agree with a family choosing to hold a private funeral, I can't imagine a good reason to disrespect that choice. Hold your own memorial service, or take the opportunity to visit the deceased's grave to pay respects. I can't imagine that as a vicar, Billy wouldn't be able to look past his own feelings in this situation because he essentially is a stranger to these folks (despite the past intensity of his relationship with Drew, why haven't they kept closer contact over the years?).

Maricha said...

I agree. If Drew had really wanted Billy there the logical thing would have been to put him in charge of the funeral arrangements. I have no doubt that Drew's family is being bigoted but this is what happens when you don't plan adequately. Your family gets the right to act on your behalf by default.

Cobblestone said...

Drew rather ran out of time though, didn't he? He knew he didn't have long, but the end came with alarming suddenness. It may transpire that he left instructions that Summer should not be left with his parents.

What I find very odd is that there was't a bunch of other gay friends at the church expecting to pay their last respects. The gay community is normally very supportive in situations like this, where a homophobic family stamps its foot.

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