Sunday, 2 July 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards June 26 - 30

Who "went" in your Cornflakes? One night out with Erica and Dev is suddenly shouting the odds and raising the rent. And is it really legal to raise it 100 quid in one go? Seems extreme to me.

Wanting it all award: Robert doesn't want to be anybody's business partner, not even (or especially?) not Michelle's. Wise.

Deja Vu award: Michelle nearly had sex with Will when she was in a strop over Steve who had been away recovering. Will has just shown up and Michelle is in a strop because Robert won't let her be his business partner. Are we looking at a rerun? Otherwise, what was the point of bringing him back?

Continuity Fail (or Did I Miss Something?) I thought Sally arranged for Gina to have a council flat. Then the step daughter left. Surely she'd still qualify for it?

Musical Ambiance: "I Can Help" playing in the pub when Johnny asks Aidan what's on his mind and offers support to his son when he's told about the baby. Then "The Game of Love" when Aidan is talking to Johnny about his reluctance to be a father.

Fashionista award: I really loved the colour and style of Leanne's top and the colour really suited her.

Lines of the week:
Anna "I don't know about you, Kev, but I'm tired of fighting" Kevin "Yeah, well, I never started it" (ooh ouch!)
Michelle "I'm not on the rebound" (we must be using different dictionaries) Dev "No more Mr. Nice Guy"
Eva "Do you think there's something wrong with men? You know, like an actual illness where they can't keep it in their pants?" (Only in Weatherfield, luv)
Chesney to Daniel "You're pathetic. And weird" (oh, sure, *that's* the kind of insult that's going to upset Daniel. I don't think.)
Gemma "You're like a little ginger Vin Diesel" (no,not really)
Chesney "I saw an ad for taxidermy classes at the community centre" Gemma "What is so romantic about learning to drive a cab?" (*snort*)
Phelan to Nicola "I think you're my daughter"
Aidan "I've got my eye on a Porche. I want to stay up all night doing shots not bottle feeds"
Eva "I'm going to rinse him for everything he's got and I'll tell you something else, I'm going to enjoy every pigging minute of it" (But you probably won't, you know)

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Memory Lapse Award: Phelan says he never had the chance to watch a daughter grow up. Right at the beginning of the story with Owen, Phelan and Valerie (and daughter?) visit Owen to talk about becoming partners. I remember Katie being smitten with the young woman's designer handbag. Was she their daughter, Valerie's daughter or a pretend daughter for the night?

Tvor said...

Probably Valerie's daughter. I didn't get the feeling Val and Phelan were lifelong partners.

Conversation Street said...

We liked Leanne's top, too! Very stylish!

Anonymous said...

Nicola to Pat: My mother wouldn't have touched you with a barge pole!

Anonymous said...

In a way, I hope Michelle does cheaton Robert with Will,if only to vindicate Steve who was genuinely hurt and thought their marriage was over despite Michelle telling him to be 'grateful' she didn't go all the way with Will,
As for Robert,very wise indeed not making Michelle his partner.Perhaps he's finally seeing her true colours?

Graeme N said...

I think the handbag was Valeries, i dont remember a daughter at all

Canuktuk said...

Chesney should not call anyone else weird. A classic case of pot and kettle!

abbyk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maricha said...

Eh, I think pretty much everyone on the street could call Daniel weird. Cheney's steady, that may not make for interesting viewing but it isn't weird.

Cobblestone said...

It really annoyed me that Chesney's principle reason for calling Daniel 'weird' was his books. Yes again, Corrie's reprehensible mistrust of any sort of intellectual inclination or academic achievement.

Maricha said...

Hmm, Daniel tried to kill his father with a book and Chesney and Sinead know it because they found the bloody thing. That might bias his opinion a wee bit.

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