Sunday, 2 July 2017

Betty's Hotpot off the menu at Rovers Return?

Now then, I have no idea who the person is who wrote this. They describe themselves simply as someone who has "made a living for over 20 years from soap operas, TV and Radio."

But what they say is interesting.  In a blog post called A to Z of Soap Opera Cliches - this is written under B for Betty's Hot Pot.

B – Betty’s Hotpot.  Admittedly I struggled with this one, but offer Betty’s Hotpot because it’s a nostalgic slice of Coronation Street.  I worked with a producer who banned hotpot stories, and I understood why.  I’ve spent half my life in pubs and have never seen an offering on the menu named after a long-dead barmaid.

Now then, which Corrie producer could this have been who banned Betty's hotpot?

Betty died on-screen in 2012 which means it could only have been either Phil Collinson or Stuart Blackburn who have at the helm during 2012 and since then.

Betty's hotpot? Banned? How very dare they!

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Tvor said...

I think it must be Blackburn. Come to think of it, I haven't heard anyone order a hotpot in the pub for ages but there was in the months after Betty died with Sean ultimately being the hotpot chef. For awhile after, you'd hear him say a throwaway line about having to do up dome more hotpots every now and then and you would still hear people order it.

abbyk said...

Here's a question: what happens to Betty's hotpot if the Rover's new owners don't keep Sean on as an employee? Was anything specified in the will -- I don't remember.

Aussie Pete said...

The hotpot has been mentioned fairly recently, when Michelle wanted to steal the recipe to use at The Bistro, and Robert flatly refused to do it.

Anonymous said...

Recently,Michelle wanted to include Betty's Hotpot in the Bistro menu and was having Kate be the taste tester from what she remembered of the recipe but fortunately I think Robert stopped Michelle refusing to include Betty's Hotpot because he didn't like Michelle using him or the Bistro in her revenge against Steve.