Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Norris wins Mr & Mrs Competition

Now then, I’m liking this preview storyline of next week’s Coronation Street. It could help explain why we’ve seen paparazzi pictures of Norris and Mary getting married.

In next week’s Corrie, we’ll see a letter addressed to Mr & Mrs Cole in Norris’s handwriting, which Sean delivers to The Kabin. Rita and Mary are intrigued by the letter, which turns out to be from the organisers of a Mr & Mrs competition.

Mary wants to ring the competition organisers and explain there’s been a mistake but Rita stops her and reveals that the prize is a trip to Cape Town. This is where Mary’s son Jude is living, and Norris entered the competition thinking that Mary would like to visit her son.

So is this the reason Norris and Mary get married, in order for them to claim their prize and visit Cape Town? And is this where comedian Vic Reeves comes into the show, playing a competition quiz show host? All purely speculation on my part!

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