Saturday, 8 July 2017

Cath Tyldesley reveals the truth about Eva's laugh

Cath Tyldesley, who plays Eva in Coronation Street, has revealed the inspiration behind her character Eva's famous laugh.

"I went to drama school with an opera singer, and she had a laugh which was quite similar and Eva's is a version of that," says Catherine in this week's TV Times.

"People keep sending me tweets asking for it as a ring tine. As if you'd want that as your ring tone!"

Ooh, I don't know...

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Anonymous said...

Eva's laugh -that daft forced "laugh" is one of the worst things about Eva Price. I actually mute the programme every time she makes an appearance just to avoid having to listen to it. It's better to be seen than heard.

Unknown said...

Hah! And I've downloaded her laugh and use it as my text notification sound. Absolutely love it!

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