Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mystery man for Mary on Coronation Street

Paparazzi pictures online today show Mary and Norris going door to door in the search for someone from Mary's past.  

I have always hoped we might see Mary's mother turn up in Coronation Street. The show is, I feel, still missing a battleaxe and I thought Mary's mum might fill this role perfectly.

However, Digital Spy reports that Mary is actually on the hunt for a long-lost son. A long-lost son? Mary? In the world of soap, anything's possible I guess!

Digital Spy have the pictures.

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Cobblestone said...


Humpty Dumpty said...

I always had Mary down as a forty year old virgin. What an interesting and original storyline that would be for a soap if it was done sensitively. Evidently not the case after her fling with a married man and nothing mentioned to that effect. Could be a very young Mary gave a baby up for adoption after pressure from her mother.

Maricha said...

Mary has a past!? Cool. I like her and think the actress who plays her can do a lot more than be comic relief or an oddity.

Anonymous said...

If it means more mary on the screen...bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Although I find it hard to believe that not a hint was ever made as to a son, I agree, more Mary......bring it on.

Tvor said...

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised considering the sort of mother Mary appears to have. If she had a baby as a teen, it would be completely believable that her mother insisted she give it up for adoption. With all the adventures Mary seems to have had, going on her stories at least, I've never thought of her as a virgin up to her fling with the love rat, though I could also see her as one that would indulge in flirting but knowing when to take a step back, and if she'd had a child and given it up, that could very well be a reason why she would protect her heart against future hurts.

C in Canada said...

Alright, as much as I love Mary, this is yet another case of the character changing to fit the storyline.
Mary has NEVER had a problem waxing nostalgic about anecdotes from her past, NEVER has been shy about sharing them with whomever happens to be present at the time.
I find it extremely hard to believe that Mary could have kept this secret for all these years.
I don't buy what the writers are selling!

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