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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 7th November

Maria's clients have cancelled on her because they don't want to have highlights or a choppy bob done by the Sweeney Todd of Weatherfield. This seems unlikely; I bet the Renshaw twins'd be popping in just to get the gossip. Anyway, this isn't the worst part of Maria's day. She overhears Tyrone talking about her and verbally attacks him, shoving Michelle when she tries to intervene. "I didn't mean to hurt you," she says, apologising to Michelle, which is greeted with a snide remark from Jenny Bradley, who should really know better having suffered a) mental health problems and b) gossip from the neighbours herself. Fortunately, Maria is supported by Eve and Aidan who wait for her in the police station after Maria is persuaded by Eva to 'fess up to the fake marriage to Piggin' Pablo. Eva admires the uniforms of the coppers. Aidan disagrees: "Black top and black trousers, could anything be more boring?". Perhaps grey blazer and grey trousers? Anyway, Caz is definitely alive and well as we see her sneaking into Maria's flat to cut herself and smear blood on Maria's hairdressing scissors, and then install a webcam so she can spy on the Connor abode. With all these skills she possesses, surely Caz could've found gainful employment rather than this OTT revenge strategy?

Michelle is OK, persuaded to go to the medical centre by Robert, whose new hair colour matches his three piece suit, and who minds the pub whilst she is away. I think we all know where this is going and it aint going to be pretty.

Yasmeen bemoans the fact that she thought she had a happy marriage and an honourable grand-daughter, but both of those things were untrue. Perhaps she smashed a mirror seven years ago, and that's why everything has gone to pot? Or in Sharif's case, to Newcastle. Unable to have it out with his granddad, Zeedan takes it out on Sonia, telling her to leave Weatherfield. Phew. I'm interested to see how the fallout affects the Nazirs, particularly as Alya has been sent to Coventry a.k.a Fiz and Tyrone's sofa, but I can't help but be pleased that the Sonia/Sharif ickiness is at an end. The other consequence of Sharif's departure is the hole in the gym's bank account. Combined with Gary being out of action as a trainer due to his heroics with Lily, the gym is in financial trouble. Zeedan swears that he will pay his granddad's debt despite only having £300 in the bank. Surely Alya should do this, from the sale of her "vintage"wear - if she's got the embroidery machine to work, that is.

Talking of at an end, Anna deletes pics of Kev from her phone just as she deleted their relationship. Sarah tries to help/interfere by talking to Kevin about it, Tyrone tries to do the same, but the only thing that cheers Kevin up is threatening David. "You better watch your back," he snarls, looking for all the world like a miniature schnauzer. As if Anna hasn't suffered enough, she gets a visit from Gail and Michael, there instead of David, whom Gail feels shouldn't see Anna, in case he spills the beans about the "accident". "Stay away from them Windasses," she tells her offspring, failing to add "especially that Gary and his sexy stubble" to her daughter. Bethany also doesn't want to stay very far away from Windass, G, and when she overhears Gary telling Alya that he likes someone, you can bet that she doesn't think he's talking about her mother. The upshot of Michael and Gail's visit is that he shares information about Phelan with Anna, who tells him to forget about it. Presumably Detective Rodwell will be investigating the fake flats soon enough.

In other news, the Bistro has a new sous-chef, Nathan. I wonder if we'll see as much as him as we do of pie-eating, talent competition-winning, taxi driver Omar, or indeed, our very own Fat Brenda? Eileen can't hear Omar over the Streetcars intercom, which leads Phelan to convince Ei that she's going deaf. I presume this is a plot point that will be picked up in the future.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I detect some weariness in the tone of your blog, Rachel! First up, why didn't Maria change the locks? Caz must have a key otherwise the front door would be damaged. Wouldn't securing your home be the first thing you'd do with a dangerous character out there determined to spook you? From the look of satisfaction on Caz's face after she cut her hand, she could be a self-harmer. It wasn't just about relishing Maria's distress when she finds the scissors. Not sure exactly, but it could be significant. Maria has been advised to get a solicitor. Not much point: all professionals are rubbish so they're bound to give her completely wrong advice. As for Eileen's deafness, it will be wax. This is a plot device for something to do with the flats. Maybe Eileen won't hear a conversation between Phelan and Vinnie when they conveniently stand behind her. Now, the flats. They're in Weatherfield! Don't the potential buyers know the address? They surely would want to know about the local amenities, nurseries, shops, transport. Can't they pop round and check on progress from the outside? I could go on but it's late.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even gonna comment on the Caz/Maria storyline, it infuriates me so much. I totally loved Zeedan and to lesser extent Rana tonight. Zee really stepped up to the plate with the concern for Yasmeen and his promise to take care of his gran. Also Rana showed a caring side towards Zee. I really hope Zee can somehow find the money to pay Dev and the gym back, but I think the first door he knocks on should be Alya's. She needs to pay the 14K back asap

Anonymous said...

yes Alya needs to pay back the $14,000. she was the one who borrowed it, no need to look into the reasons why. All in all I found these episodes rather mundane, Eileen going deaf? Why now? Surely this will lead to something bigger with Pat/Vinny deception. It felt as if all the pieces were to be put in place to unfold at a later date.

Christine K said...

Alya indeed needs to pay, if she doesn't Dev should file fraud charages. What will happen to Sharif's chickens and his share of the allotment with Roy? I can't agree more that this Caz/Maria thing is dreadful! I can't stand either of them and this is going to go on and on zzzzzzzzz One other thing, the healthcare in Weatherfield is top notch - Nick and his brain injury cured, Sinead and her back cured, Tracy and her infection cured, Kathy and her car crash injury cured, Sarah and her psychosis cured, gimme a break.

Sally Dee said...

great comments tonight! I didn't catch that Alya was kipping on Fiz & Tyrone's sofa. She must be mortified to touch anything or use their bathroom. Some scenes there would be comedy gold. And the chickens! Yasmeen should've served up something tasty with them at Zeedan and Rana's party.

Anonymous said...

Why should she be mortified to touch anything or use fiz and Tyrone's bathroom? I really don't understand

Pat said...

I was surprised to hear Alya was staying at Fiz and Tyrone's house. When have they ever been friends?
I used to feel sorry for Jenny when the factory girls were being mean to her but I can't believe how nasty she was to Maria, she also said something really nasty at the factory last week to Aidan.

Laura said...

Not that it excuses it, but Jenny had a bad run in with Maria back when she was with Kevin and becoming obsessed with Jack. Maria's son and Jack had some sort of run in and Jenny confronted Maria about it, slapping her in the face. No love lost there.

Pat said...

What a good memory you have Laura, I'd completely forgotten about that! Thanks

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