Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ryan Thomas signs up to do panto this Christmas

Since leaving Coronation Street earlier this year as Jason Grimshaw, Ryan Thomas has now secured his first acting role since he left the soap.

Yup, he's doing pantomime this Christmas, and who can blame him, with the money that pantomimes are reported to pay out?

Ryan will be playing the role of Prince Charming in Cinderella at The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon.

Buy your tickets here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, he's doing well isn't he. I bet he regrets leaving now.

Anonymous said...

What does that mean he'll be doing? There's a mimed version of Cinderella in GB?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't understand this. A mimed version of Cinderella? He'll be playing Prince Charming,a regular character in Cinderella

Anonymous said...

The word pantomime implies it would be mimed, that's why I was curious as to what exactly this performance was going to be. What happens during a pantomime show in GB? Is it like a mime show, a music hall, a traditional play?

Anonymous said...

Definition of the word pantomime.

A theatrical entertainment, mainly for children, which involves music, topical jokes, and slapstick comedy and is based on a fairy tale or nursery story, usually produced around Christmas.
"a pantomime villain"

Tee said...

So confusing when everyone calls themselves Anonymous. You can never tell if the same poster replies to anything.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? As long as a reply is answered?

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