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Monday 24 October 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 24 Oct

PETER HAS A FRIEND IN STEVE. As Ken struggles to speak, the doctor assures Tracy that his recovery will take time meanwhileSteve finds Peter lurking in the ginnel. Peter admits that life in Portsmouth went a bit pear-shaped and he intends to stick around. Steve offers Peter a bed at the Rovers, but what will Michelle make of Steve’s kind-hearted gesture?
THE PLATTS AWAIT NEWS OF CLAYTON As the court awaits the verdict of Clayton’s murder trial what is the state of play with David?
ALYA PLOTS HER FUTURE. Having overheard Sharif and Alya arguing over Alya’s new lingerie venture, Yasmeen wants to know what’s going on. Clearly on the back foot, Sharif makes out he’s lent Alya £20k to finance her new business, a story which Yasmeen accepts. However Sharif is the least of Ayla’s worries; as she unpacks her new embroidery machine with Aidan, Sinead watches with sullen resentmen and Johnny returns from his holiday furious. Can Ayla overcome this latest calamity to get her venture off the ground?
ELSEWHEREWhen Liz inadvertently lets slip to Amy that Michelle is pregnant, Amy’s thrilled at the prospect of a little brother or sister. Caz leaves, telling Kirk she’s going to Nottingham to find somewhere to live and will be back to pick up her stuff - can Caz appeal to Kirk’s soft nature before it’s too late?

MONDAY OCTOBER 24THKEN FINDS SOLACE IN PETER BEING AROUND Leanne takes Simon to see Ken. Tracy tells Simon that Peter caused Ken’s stroke and she’s sent him packing. Simon’s disappointed he never said goodbye. Meanwhile Michelle relents and reluctantly agrees that Peter can stay a few days. Peter visits Ken in hospital and asks him if he’d like him to pack his bags as Tracy’s suggested. Barely audible how will  Ken reply?
CAN DAVID FINALLY LAY KYLIE’S GHOST TO REST? As the foreman of the jury pronounces the verdict of Clayton’s trial emotions flood through the courtroom. Meanwhile Gemma, Craig and Eva raise a toast to Kylie in the Rovers.
ALYA’S PLANS GO AWRY. Whilst Sinead struggles with the embroidery machine manual, Alya reassures Johnny they’ll have it up and running in no time. Johnny’s taken aback to learn that Alya paid for the machine herself.
ELSEWHERE. With encouragement from Kirk, Liam asks Aidan if he can spend the night with he and Eva. Aidan reluctantly agrees. Eva enjoys having Liam to stay and texts a picture of Aidan and Liam to Maria. Aidan hides his discomfort. When Liz admits to Michelle she let slip about her pregnancy to Amy, Michelle’s furious. Gail orders Sarah to stay away from Gary and focus on her family.

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Maricha said...

Gail doesn't seem to know her daughter at all. She ignored David and Kylie's pleas to avoid dating a drug dealer to the point where she had his kid. Gary isn't all that but he's better than Sarah's usual fare so Gail might as well let it go.Sarah's priority is Sarah.
Sinead is the one who will be working with the embroidery machine? Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

Anonymous said...

Maricha,I agree with your cmments about Gail and Sarah.Unfortunately,Gail has spoilt Sarah for years,moving her boyfriends in,letting her get away with her manipulations and the self centered Sarah we see now is the result.
As for Gary,maybe he should put his love life on hold and focus on his family ,mainly his mother right now.

Speaking of self centred characters,why would Michelle be upset at Liz for telling Amy she's pregnant?Liz is the grandmother and as Steve's daughter and big sister to be,Amy has a right to know.

Zagg said...

Wow, Liz can't keep her trap shut for a minute. She's always "accidentally" letting something just slip out. And it's never her story to tell. What a busybody. She's like Norris with a bad perm.

And Sarah....can't she be single for a day? With her track record, who would want their son involved with her? And with her, you get the rest of the Platts. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I see they are working towards Michelle and Robert having an affair.


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