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Tuesday 25 October 2016

Mary and Tracy - a flowering friendship?

Already, I'm enjoying Mary and Tracy together in the flower shop. Todd and Tracy made a good duo, both of them seemingly cut from the same cloth. Todd and Tracy get each other. Mary and Tracy do not but yet, in the past few weeks since Mary has been working there, I've noticed that as much as Mary annoys Tracy much of the time, there's a spark, a real connection. Tracy even took on board some advice that Mary gave her regarding giving Ken her blessing to go on his Grand Tour (I hope he was able to get his money back for that!)

According to Corriepedia, Mary is only 3 years older than Tracy who was born in 1977 but Mary has always been more of an old soul and certainly gives the impression of being much older. While I don't predict that they will be mates, I do think Tracy may find Mary somewhat of a mother substitute, or perhaps an older sister figure, something Tracy needs. Mary is a strange being. She is beleaguered by her mother,  has an adventurous soul, is a hard worker, apparently has had many off the wall experiences and she's got a very kind heart.  I think this pairing could well be Corrie gold. What say you?

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Catsmom said...

I think the Mary/Tracy thing works because Mary is so oblivious to insults that most of what Tracy says just rolls off her back. Be interesting to see what comes of it.

Louby said...

First of all, Tracy 40 next year, wow!

I think that to make an unlikely friendship between the two would be the sort of thing that us "old school" Corrie fans would love. Linda above has a good point about Mary being oblivious to insults, and she has a positive, optimistic outlook on life, vs Tracy's cynical view about everything, a great combination!

PoidaPete said...

Although she can come off as a bit dippy, Mary knows how to give as good as she gets sometimes and I think it makes for good viewing their new partnership. Considering how close they are in age, it may make Mary seem more her actual age. I sometimes forget how young she is when she spends the majority of her time around the min older folk.

Anonymous said...

Mary is unique in that no matter who she interacts with makes for great watching - she can give as good as gets without making it obvious. She can make the most obnoxious character on the street worth watching. She just prattles on in her own little world and is hilarious. I often wonder if the scripts are written for her or she just lets loose and does her "Mary" thing. Wonderful comedy - sorely needed at the best of times. Tim is the male version of Mary - always glad to see him on screen and his pearls of wisdom.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There was a dip in Mary's character when her van was targeted by (I think)Sophie and Maddie. It was quite out of character for someone who'd travelled the world. Thankfully, she quickly returned to normal. I think the friendship could work. Amy would be entranced by Mary's stories and would learn about life beyond the Street.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree with you. They make a great odd couple.
I do not think that what Tracy says goes over Mary's head....I think she is able to overlook it. Afterall she is not able to chastise the behavior as if it were one of the she let's it slide.
Lately you see that she has mentally examined Tracy and has her figured out.
Long live the Mary and Tracy combo!

Anonymous said...

Long ago, there was that storyline where Tracy scapegoated Roy, making him believe that he was the father of her unborn child. That storyline, along with so many others, made us see Tracy as pure villain. Lately, however, new juxtapositions have highlighted another side of Tracy luv. She's a villain, yes, but also an outsider. In other words, she's more like characters such as Roy, Hayley, and Mary than she would like to admit. Despite her parents being mainstays on the Street, she doesn't fit in, albeit that ostracism is largely a result of her own actions and mindset. The pairing with Todd helped to bring out mutual similarities, both cynics standing on the sidelines, making asides, more sympathetic when they reveal how fundamentally stranded they are in an insular community that despises them. In this same vein, Tracy and Mary could end up as useful foils, reflecting back to each other home truths, as well as adding to a growing solidarity among outsider characters who live at the margins of convention.

Maricha said...

I like their friendship. Being with Mary might teach Tracy to not nurse her grievances all the time while ignoring her own shortcomings. Mary ignores Tracy's carping because she knows that's just Tracy's way. Maybe it comes from having traveled a lot but she's able to get along with everybody, even Norris.


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