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Saturday 8 October 2016

Corrie weekly update - It's Tommy O! It's Tommy O!

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There have been some wonderful comic moments in this week’s Coronation Street which I’ve enjoyed a lot. It starts when Weatherfield County footballer Tommy Orpington turns up in the Rovers. He’s hired Michelle as his wedding planner for his upcoming nuptials to fianc√©e Chantelle.  Well, when Steve and Tim find out that their footballing hero Tommy Orpington is coming to Weatherfield, they come over all unnecessary. Tim draws up a plan of where he and Steve should stand in the Rovers to ensure they see Tommy in all his glory, perhaps even shake his hand. “But what about the bandit?” Tim asks, concerned, raising Tommy Orpington’s past addiction to gambling. This sends Steve and Tim singing the Tommy chant: “He’s fast! He’s mean! He likes a fruit machine! He’s Tommy O! He’s Tommy O!”  Tim’s plan crumbles of course, and the sight of Tommy in the Rovers sends Steve and Tim into a mess of fandom, they can’t even speak properly in the presence of their hero. It really is very funny. Anyway, Tommy leaves his phone in the cab and has to return to the Street to collect it. While there, Tim takes him on in a game of Subbuteo in the cab office and then Tommy agrees to a kick-about on the cobbles with Kev, Steve and Tim after a few beers in Sally’s conservatory (she’s not in, of course).  During the kick-about, Steve kicks-about Tommy and does him an injury, putting his footballing career in doubt.
Another strong and enjoyable storyline this week was the closure of the Zambezi Club. The what? I hear you say.  It’s a club that Rita used to sing at, back in the day, when she wasn’t crooning at The Gatsby.  And it’s a club that Freddie remembers fondly too, as does Audrey.  But when Freddie asks Audrey to go to the club with him on the club’s final night before it gets knocked down, Audrey demurs. So when Freddie asks Rita and the two of them go together, Audrey realises how foolish she was to turn down Freddie’s offer of a good night out. He’s a good ‘un, is Freddie. Rita has the night of her life, and wears the jacket to prove it. My word, what a jacket it was. People would turn up to pay money to see a jacket like that. “Have it large!” Fiz tells Rita as she sees her leaving for her night out. “It’s the only way I know how!” Rita replies.
The next day in the garage, Freddie moans the fact that he can’t really dance, just as Norris passes by. Norris, that well-known doyenne of the dance floor, takes Freddie in hold and dances him around the inside of Webster’s Autos. But Freddie falls over a stray toolbox and breaks his wrist. Audrey offers to take him in to live with her and look after him, but Freddie turns down her offer, he can’t have Audrey looking after him when they barely know each other. Instead, Freddie takes up Tyrone’s offer to move in there to recover, after all they’ve got plenty of space what with two adults, two kids and Craig living there, right?
Elsewhere this week, Gail nags David to see a grief counselor which he does, but he treats the meeting and the counsellor with disdain. He then has a set of posters printed with Clayton Hibbs’ picture on them. Underneath the picture is Clayton’s name, identifying him as Kylie’s killer. David’s taken to the cop shop and quizzed about the posters but denies they’re his work. He’s in a bit of a state, is David, as he’s been beaten up by the dad of Lauren the bully and is black and blue and red all over.  The posters of Clayton have an effect though, when one of Macca’s neighbours throws a brick through his window which lands on Macca’s head. He’s in hospital in intensive care and when David finds out what’s happened he goes to the hospital pretending to care. He’s even got grapes. When Macca returns from surgery, David sneaks into his hospital room and tries to pull the breathing apparatus away from his face. The nurse returns just at the crucial moment and Macca is left to breathe another day. Back home, everyone’s concerned for David, all except for Sarah who’s busy snogging Gary Windass. Well, you can see how that would distract a girl.  David confides in Nick about wanting to kill Macca in hospital and Nick tells his little brother than he’ll tell the cops if he carries on this way.
Over at Eileen’s house, she gets suspicious when she finds out that the best flat in Vinny and Phelan’s development has been sold, twice. It’s been sold to Vinny’s mate, says Phelan, and then Eileen finds out that Rita’s bought it too, for Jenny. Eileen’s hackles rise further when she finds out that Tim dropped Vinny off at a casino in town when he said he was on his way to the development. Phelan manages to lie his way out of it all but Vinny’s not happy that it looks like Eileen might be on to them both. Meanwhile, Todd’s still going along with the fake scheme and working for Vinny and Phelan, knowing full well that they’re crooks. Todd’s back with Billy, who doesn’t trust Phelan and knows nothing about the fake scheme, or that Todd knows the truth.

Over at Roy’s Rolls, Sarah has a word with Bethany after she finds her out running in her lunch break from school. Bethany admits she’s been overdoing the exercise and Sarah says she knows that she’s not eating properly either. “It’s not normal,” Sarah tells her daughter to which she replies. “And neither is having a dead body under your garage.” Point taken.

And finally this week, our update ends on a phone call from Jim McDonald which Steve takes in the bar of the Rovers. Jim’s ringing with bad news, but what can it be? Tune in next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Anonymous said...

Loved the running joke about how many names the Zambesi club had had. Everyone came up with a different name that they knew it by

Tvor said...

It was a good week! Also liked a little bit with Gemma who was out to impress the judges for the Good Samaritan contest

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Tvor, but I have to disagree with you. I really wish Gemma would leave and go back to her friends at the Dog & Gun. She serves no purpose except to annoy others.
The lads playing with Tommy O was great fun to watch. I think it's time that Steve puts his big boy pants on and starts acting like an adult instead of a spoiled prat.
I had forgotten that Craig was staying with Fiz & Tyrone, is Luke still living with them also? Thank goodness for those elastic bedroom walls.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I agree with Anon 1320, the less I see of Gemma, the better I'll like it.

Also agree about Steve, the gurning daftness needs to stop, sooner rather than later. How old is he meant to be?

Loved everything with David in it. Jack really is an excellent actor.

And an Eileen overload, can't wait for her to get what's coming to her.

Anonymous said...

Hmm,I wonder how long before Sarah decides that she wants Gary to move in David's house?
I'm not surprised with her lack of concern for David though as she's probably hoping to get his room!


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