Sunday, 23 October 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for October 17 - 21

Underhanded award: Nick isn't above subterfuge, paying Phelan off to lie to Robert. Phelan, of course, never turns down a handout, no questions asked.

Pots...Kettles... Tracy telling Ken to do what he wanted because he always does.

Throwback award: Nick talked about what happened when the man that killed his father got out of jail and he got Leanne into danger.

Pulling Rank award: Audrey, as the landlady, orders Caz out of the flat. Hmmm. Will it work?

You're new here, aren't you award: Anna telling everyone the Emergency Services will be there soon. Never in almost any crisis was the Emergency Services there in any sort of a hurry.

Soap Opera Phrase of Doom: Kevin about Anna moving in "I've got a really good feeling about this" (And there it is, folks)
Lines of the week: Nick about Steve "He'll be down that hospital in a minute with the impression of Tracy's stiletto on his back"
Tracy "I was the only person in the cinema cheering for the iceberg" (Why am I not surprised)
Tracy "You're swanning off like some geriatric Jack Sparrow"
Tracy "Mary, I pay you to sell flowers, not do me head in" Mary "I can do both"
Ken to Peter "One of the very few things you ever showed an aptitude for is deceit"
Peter "All your life you've talked the talk but the only walk you've ever walked was away" (which is where Peter learned it)
Gail "It's family business" Robert "Oh? And what family is that? The Sopranos?"
David "This isn't a fairy tale. There are no happy endings"
Kirk about Caz "She's more sticky than a sticky bun"

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Rapunzel said...

Love the phrase of doom award - it rang like a gong as soon as Kevin uttered it, but it was still too difficult to work out how it would play out.
Red Herring Award: the welding and smoldering cloth in the garage.

Anonymous said...

Anna was far too haррy before the trouble - even advising gary to go out with sarah! Obviously something was going to haррen after this extreme рersonality change from the usual screaming harрy fishwife! ;) ( John H)

Louby said...

There needs to be some sort of award for leaving your garage totally open while you all go to the pub for lunch.

Wasn't Kev planning on moving to a new premises a few months ago? Did I miss them changing their minds or something?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I had to laugh when David found the car keys so easily. I can't find the keys in my own house!

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