Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 26 Oct

CAN SARAH RESIST THE TEMPTATION OF GARY? Pleased with Sarah’s progress, her psychiatric nurse tells her that she’s now discharged. Bethany hugs Sarah, thrilled with the news. Having received a text asking him to meet her, Gary finds Sarah lurking in the ginnel. Apologising for all the mixed messages, Sarah admits she really wants him and they kiss passionately.
MICHELLE’S FEARS START TO GROW As Amy helps Steve build a cot for the new baby, Michelle struggles with her fears for their child’s future as they await the results of Steve’s tests.
PETER FEELS JUDGED FROM EVERY SIDE Peter begs Tracy for a chance to help out and make up with his Dad. On Tracy’s orders, Peter phones round the family breaking the news of Ken’s stroke.
ELSEWHERE. As Alya heads for work, she’s clearly stressed and confides in Sharif that she still hasn’t got the new embroidery machine up and running and Johnny’s unimpressed. Caz arrives back and makes out things didn’t work out for her in Nottingham. Kirk warns her Maria’s due back on Monday so she’d better be gone by then. Having become quite attached to Liam, Eva suggests he could stay with them until Maria comes home. Aidan feigns enthusiasm before having a quiet word with Kirk, making out Eva’s not cut out for motherhood and he should pick Liam up as soon as he can.

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Anonymous said...

Gary's focus should be on his mother right now not Sarah and her manipulative attention seeking games.
I bet down the road,she'll betray David as she did with Callum and tell Gary that David's accident was actually a murder\suicide attempt.

Anonymous said...

I agree that they will probably keep this storyline going for a very long time. The one person that stood out for me in this ep was Robert. He seems to be the only one with the courage and conviction to realize what happened and if proper steps had been taken what should not have happened. Yeah Robert. He may just turn out to be the only really good guy. Michelle or no Michelle.

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