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Thursday 13 October 2016

Coronation Street Weds 12th October episode review

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review - and yes -  actually on a Wednesday for a change! Well, a little after midnight on a Thursday, but shh!

The McDonald family are still reeling from the latest bombshell to hit them, although they really should be used to them by now. Maybe Steve is. While Michelle and Liz are still shocked by the news that Steve may have a disease called Myotonic Dystrophy, following an unseen phone call out of the blue from imprisoned Jim, Steve seems to have retreated into denial. He is refusing to take the all-important medical test. This is not unexpected behaviour for Steve; he tends to fumble through Soapland situations by pretending nothing is wrong. However, this time it may not be so simple given that this potential disease could affect so many people. Michelle is fraught with worry about their  unborn baby and - since Steve decided to become the most fertile man in Weatherfield this year - so is Leanne.  Over at the Bistro, Nick is still furious that Steve is refusing to be tested. He suggests to Leanne that they themselves talk to a doctor. As if by magic, the doctor arrived. Well, the nurse. Conveniently, the coffee machine is broken at the café so Rana has had to pop into the bistro for her morning caffeine fix.  After she makes a contactless payment for the purposes of product placement, Nurse Rana is questioned by the fourth-time-lucky couple about the disease. When they say they're asking for their friends, Rana immediately assumes they're talking about Steve and Michelle. She tells them that she cannot divulge any information about them on the grounds of confidentiality but does remark that it would have been too coincidental had two different couples been asking her about the same condition. Oh, little do you know, Rana - this tricky situation is far too much of a coincidence. Out of desperation, Leanne goes to have a word with sudden best friend Michelle to try and persuade her that Steve should take the test.

"It just seemed such an amazing coincidence that two couples would be
asking me about the same genetic condition!"

"He might not wanna face up to it but you've gotta live with the worry every day"
"What can I do?"
"Well if it was me, I'd force him to face up to how I was feeling -
and if he respected me he'd take the test"

Gail is still doing the ever-doting, ever-dramatic mother routine. She tearfully demands to know where David is going, complaining that he never talks to her. David tells her that he has started going to the cemetery to talk to his late wife.  For some reason, Gail believes this. We don't though. We know David is up to something, especially when he pops into the Bistro and persuades Nick to let him borrow his car. David seems to be returning back to his old psycho self when he stands outside the prison waving a lighter. Things get even more worrying when he is sat in Nick's posh car with said lighter, preparing to drive towards some cardboard boxes he has set up. Unfortunately, David's little cardboard collision leaves a small mark on Nick's posh car. Nick refuses to let him borrow it again. David is left undeterred by this hiccup though and confidently marches over to the garage to announce that he needs a car. Any car, as long as it goes. Oh dear.  What he gets is an old car which is on its last legs (or wheels). This seems perfect for David; he doesn't need it for long. Oh dear, oh dear. Sister Sarah's drama of will-she-won't-she with gorgeous Gary seems particularly minute when compared to this!

Elsewhere, Anna is still furious with Faye for her escapades the other night. As we saw in Monday's episode, Faye had staged a diversion to get her  new boyfriend round without any interruptions from family. However, as interruptions are imperative in Soapland, her romantic evening didn't go to plan. Having finally remembered that her daughter once popped out a child at the age of 12, named her after Miley Cyrus and quite happily let her move to Canada with the rich dad, Anna is now understandably wary when it comes to Faye and boys. She doesn't want Faye to have a boyfriend. However, when her own boyfriend Kevin walks into the café, he seems to talk a bit of sense into her. Kevin points out that he has raised two girls (admittedly, one is some sort of fame-seeking bimbo and the other is an on-off devout Christian, but still) and Anna relents. But Kevin point about raising girls may have just become a little unfounded. Sopheh comes bouncing into the café immediately after the mother/daughter drama is resolved. She tells her dad that "Roseh" has landed a three-month contract in Miami and has asked her to accompany her. Obviously, because Brooke Vincent is taking temporary leave from the show to star in Be My Baby, we know that Sophie does end up going to Miami. But for now, in order to create some drama, Kevin has assumed that his daughter would not want to take up such an offer and they are far too busy for such a thing, which has put poor Sophie in an awkward position.

"If you try banning them from doing something they really want to do -
it ain't gonna work. That's all I've got to say"
"White or brown bread?"

 Overall, tonight's was an enjoyable episode. Next week is shaping up to be yet another explosive one. I have to admit I'm at a little bit of a loss with Corrie lately. I prefer the small dramas and the relatable bits of comedy over the epic "blockbuster" storylines. But nevertheless, I will be there next week, as I am sure we all will!

As always,

Thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

wonderful review Jordan, as always. The episode was rather enjoyable, loved the rapport between the lads at the garage. My only negative comment would be to the wardrobe dept: Sophie wearing stiletto heels at the garage is just way OTT. With all the grease & oil that drips from the cars there isn't anyway any female would be able to walk around for 20 mins without doing a slip-slider never mind put in a full day of work. Get real. Maybe when she comes back after her time away she will be more realistic, then maybe not because Rosie will be with her.

Unknown said...

Loved the banter between Tyrone, Luke and Freddie.

Anonymous said...

The David with the boxes bit was too contrived and really rather silly.
I did enjoy the garage banter, I've long thought the potential of the garage for those kind of scenes was always underplayed.

Llifon said...

Loved the garage scenes. And what was the skip saga?! :)

Anonymous said...

Fishwife Anna reappears. She should remember the old saying "Lower your tone, strengthen your argument".


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