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Monday 31 October 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 31 Oct

MARIA MAKES A SHOCKING DISCOVERY When Tyrone tells Fiz about the abusive texts Caz has received from Maria, Fiz is disbelieving and reckons Caz is exaggerating. Meanwhile Caz calls in the factory and tells Kate that she’s finally leaving for good. Kate forgives her crazy behaviour and agrees to draw a line. But when Caz suggests a farewell drink, Kate refuses point blank. Kate’s phone later rings but when she sees the caller is Caz, she quickly kills the call. Maria arrives home from London and is furious to find her flat a mess, with furniture on its side and broken glass on the carpet. When Aidan and Eva suggest Maria should report Caz to the police, Maria admits she can’t take the risk as she’s guilty of an illegal marriage and needs to keep her head down. But as Maria sets to cleaning up the mess in the flat, she’s horrified to discover blood splattered up the wall, what has gone on?
ZEEDAN WANTS ANSWERS When Sharif finds Dev reading the gym accounts, he quickly whisks them off him and assures him that he’ll look after the books. Having printed off another set, Dev shows Zeedan the gym accounts which show a transfer of £14k to Sharif’s personal account. Zeedan’s shocked. Entering No.6, Zeedan confronts Sharif and demands to know what’s going on.
NICK AND LEANNE GET SOME EXCITING NEWS Wishing Leanne and Nick well with their 20 week scan, Michelle reveals that Steve is hoping she’ll have a boy. Will Leanne and Nick decide to find out the sex of her baby at the scan.
ELSEWHERE The staff at the Rovers prepare the pub for a Halloween party.


MARIA FACES A NIGHTMARE ON CORONATION STREET Kirk and Aidan call at Maria’s flat and survey the mess. Kate’s horrified when she receives a voice message from Caz sounding terrified and telling her Maria has locked her in the bathroom and she fears for her life. Kate plays the message to Aidan. Kate arrives at Maria’s flat and having spotted the blood stained wall becomes more convinced than ever that Maria has attacked Caz. Having been summoned by Kate, the police call at Maria’s flat and question her about the events surrounding Caz’s disappearance. Will the police find any evidence to explain the strange goings on and has Maria got any answers?
ZEEDAN STUNS RANA WITH AN ANNOUNCEMENT Clearly upset, Zeedan accuses Sharif of ruining his Dad’s business. Realising Zeedan has found out about the £14k, Sharif makes out it was a temporary loan and the money will be back in the account in a couple of days. Yasmeen’s left wondering why he needed the money. Zeedan pours his heart out to Rana telling her how much he misses his parents. But when he stuns her with a shock proposal how will Rana respond?
ERICA’S BEWITCHED BY DEV’S OFFER In the shop, Erica complains to Dev about the awful new uniform he expects her to wear. She’s taken aback when Dev asks her to move in with him. Will Erica take Dev up on his offer?
ELSEWHERE The Rovers Halloween party takes place with staff and regulars dressed up.

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Maricha said...

Thanks for the summary Flaming Nora.
I'm surprised at how fast Kate has gone from warning against Caz to seeing her as a defenseless victim. Why would Caz call Kate for help rather than the police if she was in the bathroom but had her phone? Also how can someone lock you in a bathroom? Don't those always lock from the inside? So many holes in that story from the start.

Humpty Dumpty said...

One can only hope that Caz will shortly disappear from our screens when Rhea Bailey goes off to panto. She'll either be found dead or just go missing. Very boring and unbelievable storyline that should be wrapped up soon as.

Louby said...

It doesn't seem long enough for Leanne to be having a 20 week scan! I thought her fling with Steve was July or August.

Anonymous said...

Talk about an unbelievable storyline - the gym really has 14,000. in their bank account - must be an awful lot of members that pay big bucks to use those machines.

Anonymous said...

Just how many times has Caz announced that she is "leaving for good"?
I am waiting and waiting for that to happen - soon PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

One of the worst written and badly acted eрisodes ever - that was true torture for halloween!

Anonymous said...

Leanne went to the hospital - accompanied by Michelle - at the end of July. So she was pregnant at that time. 20 weeks is reasonable.


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