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Tuesday 18 October 2016

Coronation Street spoilers for winter 2016 from Kate Oates

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates has been revealing some major spoilers for winter 2016.  And so, with help from Inside Soap magazine - who have all the spoilers in this week's mag - here are the highlights we can look forward to.

1. Steve's babies storyline
Kate says it'll be a classic soapie back and forth storyline with a lot of emotion that will be quite challenging. Steve's going to be in a massive pickle.

2. Toyah's return
Toyah is returning for reasons of her own - no more is revealed!

3. Rosie Webster's return
This will have an effect on Sophie who will be led up the garden path and end up in some trouble. Rosie's return will cause Sophie a lot of headaches.

4. Gary and Sarah and Bethany
Kate says about Bethany: "What we'll see is what happens to a teenage girl as her self-esteem is chipped away and what a dangerous thing that can be."

5. Maria and Aidan
Maria is falling in love with Aidan, says Kate, but we'll have to wait and see what happens between them.

6.  Pat Phelan
Phelan is going to get darker and more sinister. Kate says we'll find out what has made him the way he is.

7. Barlow v Baldwin
With the return of Daniel Osbourne (Ken's son) and Adam Barlow (Mike Baldwin's son and Ken's grandson), Kate says we'll see a mini Ken-Mike rivalry start up again between Daniel and Adam.

So there we go... lots to look forward to and if they can keep the big secrets in teh way they did with Ken's stroke this week, it's going to be a fantastic Christmas, I feel.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

As usual, most of the storylines involve the attractive young(ish) cast and their love lives. Phelan's is the one that interests me most. They are belatedly giving the character some depth. A shame we haven't seen any redeeming features before. A good villain always has some vulnerability: Tony Gordon and Richard Hillman are good examples. They had personal charm which made their deceit more believable. Probably too late to endow Phelan with any charm or charisma.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you look at the characters age, you would see that most of the storylines are about characters that are in their 30s.

Steve's babies storyline: Steve is 40, Michelle and Leanne are pushing 40.
Toyah's return: Same, pushing 40.
Rosie's mid 20s.
Gary and Sarah are in their 30s.
Maria and Aidan are also in their 30s, almost 40 maybe.
Pat, definitely older.

Only Bethany is young, and maybe Daniel if you think 21 years old is young. Adam is about 30 by now?

Anonymous said...

More of the same old same old dragged on storylines.
When will Eileen finally learn the truth about Phelan?
I also wonder what about Roy and Cathy?Are they going to get married?
They seem to be forgotten in favour of the younger characters' love lives.

Tvor said...

They really aren't letting anything out that they haven't already. But I am looking forward to the winter's storylines.

Anonymous said...

WHEN WILL EMILY BE BACK?! It has been forever and we will not forget her.

C in Canada said...

This doesn't really tell us anything we didn't know, or couldn't extrapolate for ourselves.
Maria falling love with Aidan...yeah, couldn't see that coming...said no one ever!

Anonymous said...

I presume that Maria falling in love with Aidan will turn her into a bunny boiler one more time. First Tyrone and now Aidan?

Anonymous said...

My guess - Emily won't be back.


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