Monday, 17 October 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 17 Oct

STEVE FACES A TESTING TIME Steve returns from the hospital having had his genetic test but is this just the start of Steve’s testing time?
ELSEWHERE Gary confides in Luke, Tyrone and Andy that he fancies Sarah but she rebuffed him.
Tyrone reminds him that Sarah’s probably preoccupied with Clayton’s trial - will Tyrone’s optimism strike a chord with Gary?

STEVE’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Tracy bursts into the Rovers and rails at Steve and Michelle for failing to tell her about Jim’s genetic condition. Steve tries to assure her while Michelle’s put out to realise Leanne has told Tracy not only about Jim’s illness but about her pregnancy too. With this latest episode, is Steve about to reach breaking point?
ELSEWHERE Gary leaves a message on Sarah’s phone apologising for hassling her earlier and suggesting they meet up. With enough on Sarah’s plate, will she take up Gary’s offer?

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Anonymous said...

Would love for it to turn out that Amy isn't Steve's!

And of course Sarah will take up Gary's offer, she's that selfish.

abbyk said...

Oh, Anon, I respectfully disagree. Maybe if she were still a baby, but Amy is a self aware teen. This would rip her world apart. Steve loves Amy, as do Liz and Michelle, and she loves them back. Wouldn't wish that upon a kiddo, or a man just recovering/stabilizing from a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be absolutely crazy: Steve isn't Amy's father, nor the father of Michelle's baby (perhaps the wedding planner client) nor the father of Leanne's baby (perhaps Peter or Robert) now that would be "explosive". Steve would go off the deep end as would Nick because of Robert or Peter (Carla/Leanne)

Anonymous said...

Abbyk, no disrespect to Amy herself, I should've made myself clearer, I would just love to see Tracy's face if it turned out that Amy wasn't Steve's. Who's the Daddy? Maybe Bernard Cribbins hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anonymous [7;09]I agree with your comments about Sarah,her btother is on the edge during his wife's murderer's trial and she's more concerned about her love life?!
Gary isn't much better sulking about Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sarah doesn't waste any time. Her baby is how old and she's already looking to hook up with her next conquest.
I quite like Gary and think he could do much better than Sarah and her totally dysfunctional family.

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