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Saturday 29 October 2016

Corrie weekly update - puppy love and a pickle sandwich

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Anna’s in hospital, sedated and when she wakes up she’s in shock to find out what’s happened to her legs. She’s going to need skin graft surgery for the burns to her body. Kevin, Faye, Tim and Gary are at her hospital bedside much of the week.
Along the hospital corridor from Anna lies Ken, recovering from his stroke and suffering various members of his family reading The Weatherfield Gazette to him, whether he wants them to or not. It looks like Ken’s recovery is going to be slow. Tracy tells Peter to call everyone he can find in Ken’s address book to let them know what’s gone on. This heralds the return in a few weeks of Ken’s grandson Adam Barlow (whose dad was Mike Baldwin) and Ken’s son Daniel Osbourne (whose mother was Denise the hairdresser).  It’s going to get mighty crowded inside number one.
Michelle agonises over having an abortion this week - just in case - Steve is diagnosed with the genetic muscular disease. I found myself yelling at the telly every time Michelle was on, and that’s never a good thing to do.  Why she couldn’t wait until Steve’s test results came through before getting herself into a right old two-and-eight, I don’t know. Obviously, Leanne’s worried about her baby too but she keeps a much more level head. Fortunately for everyone Steve’s test results come back clear. Everybody’s going to be fine, just fine… aren’t they?

For some strange reason Michelle and Robert seem to be growing close. And since when have they even shared a scene together never mind a conversation? I find this unlikely relationship, even if it’s just a friendship at this stage, most unbelievable.
Clayton’s trial is held in court and the killer of Kylie Platt is found guilty and sent down. It’s a relief for all concerned, apart from Clayton of course.
Elsewhere this week Sarah and Gary finally get together with a full-on snog. And if she ever needs a body double, then Corrie, you know where I am.
In Primer Donor, Dev gets a nasty surprise when Colonel Kebab arrives. He’s the owner of the largest string of kebab shops in the north-west and reckons Dev kebab uniforms are a copyright theft of his own. They’re red! They’ve got a yellow logo! The colonel hasn’t got a chicken leg to stand on but Alya jumps in and offers to design new uniforms for Dev. Sinead isn’t best pleased that her work for Alya seems to be getting passed off as Alya’s own. She’s got a point there, too.

Faye’s new boyfriend Seb eyes up an old lady’s handbag in Roy’s Rolls. Faye sees what’s going on and causes a diversion so Seb can’t steal the bag. She confronts Seb about it at the bus stop but his thieving ways aren’t enough to put her off seeing him again.
Caz spends much of this week either in fake tears for the residents of the street or a fake smile to the camera. She doesn’t want to leave Maria’s flat, she’s got nowhere to go, but Maria wants her out before she comes back from that London where she’s gone to see her gay husband Pablo. Oh, I do love the world of soap. Caz has already phoned the Home Office to dob Maria in about her fake marriage. Anyway, Caz moans and cries to anyone who’ll listen (Tyrone) that Maria’s being nasty to her and sending her crazy texts – something Tyrone has experienced too.
And finally this week, Kirk and Beth get back together. Beth buys Kirk a puppy and he can’t resist its little dinky eyes and waggly tail. “I’m like a cheese sarnie with no pickle,” Beth tells Kirk. “Come home and be my pickle again.” Kirk trots home with Beth who can’t resist his little dinky eyes and waggly tail.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Martin Allen and Simon Crowther (Monday double); John Kerr (Wednesday); Susan Oudot and Ella Greenhill (Friday double).   

Glenda Young
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Humpty Dumpty said...

We've heard it from Alya's own lips. She'll resign if the embroidery side line doesn't take off. It won't so Johnny will take her up on her offer. Following the revelations in the Nazir household, Grandma will strongly advise her to leave home. She will go to some friend we've never heard of: Sharif and Sonia will probably leave together.

Caz couldn't be more wooden. Terrible fake tears when Tyrone appeared. Who cares about Maria, Kate and Caz?

Michelle's amazing according to Robert. Really? How's that then? There again, this is the man who never stopped thinking about Tracy and seemed to be lusting after Leanne. Don't think it will get as far as a fling.

Quite liked Faye and her beau. Good acting.

Anonymous said...

Why would Tim be at Anna's bed side? I realize he is Faye's Dad but he is nothing to Anna.
It never ceases to amaze me whenever someone is hospitalized on Corrie - there is always a crowd of people hovering around the bed.
I'm watching in Canada but from what I have been reading - Anna is very ill and I would think in a lot of pain and certainly wouldn't feel up to a gang of visitors.

Anonymous said...

Right now I wish Caz & Maria would leave. They don't have to leave together, but neither add anything meaningful to the storylines.
Alya is a selfish nasty piece of work. She takes all the credit and Sinead does all the work. I also hope she leaves when the world comes crashing down about her grandfather who obviously is leaving & hopefully taking Sonia with him. I do hope they keep Yasmeen on the show. I really like her and her interactions with the rest of the street if only through the community center. Zeedan & Rana? not so sure about that couple. Hopefully they won't make that another sob story.
As far as Michelle & Robert, well Michelle really doesn't have anyone else to talk to really that doesn't have an agenda of their own, which is why I presume she is confiding in Robert which is understandable, he at least has some backbone & a sense of what's right and wrong, but why doesn't she just pick-up the phone and call Carla or at least pretend to.

Tvor said...

Clayton's pathetic little tearful face when he's deemed guilty. Woe. But also realistic. He's only 15. If he's sentence to enough time, he'll spend a few years in a youth facility and probably the rest of it at a proper jail. He *should* be scared.

Pat said...

I'm another one that doesn't get the Michelle & Robert thing. They only time they interacted before was through Carla. Now Robert was over concerned about Michelle when the explosion happened and now she's confiding in him in the Bistro.
And, while I'm at it how does the Bistro manage to serve any meals? Robert seems to be the only person in the kitchen, whilst he was talking to Michelle somebody's burger and chips were going cold on the serving thingy (sorry don't know what it's called).

Anonymous said...

It's called the pass. I noticed the burger too and thought the same. It didn't look very appetising either!

Cobblestone said...

Because, through shared parenting of Faye, Tim and Anna have become close friends. It's entirely natural he should be there as he's part of the extended family. Plus Faye, being deemed too young to attend herself, would want him there for her sake. Interestingly, it was Tim who pointed out to Robert it was 'family only' which indicates how he views the relationship.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure why they were wearing plastic aprons - I guess it was because of contamination of Anna's wounds, but wouldn't a full gown have been more appropriate? Also don't they usually put a guard in the bed so that the sheets don't touch the burn wounds? It just struck me as being a bit odd.


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