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Friday 14 October 2016

The Life of David Platt on Coronation Street

The Teen Tormentor Years
David Daniel Platt, born on Christmas Day 1990, is the son of Martin and Gail Platt. Drama was never far from David’s life even from a young age, when he was the centre of a botched kidnap plot orchestrated by his father’s friend, Carmel Finnan, who later attempted to frame Gail for pushing her down the stairs. The young boy’s disobedient streak first began to surface when, in 2001, David’s parents divorced after Martin had an affair with Rebecca Hopkins. Distraught, David began to misbehave and after becoming the target of a school bully, his wayward behaviour became violent despite Gail's hopeless pleas. If only the Platts knew then that this was just the beginning of Dangerous David Platt.

As the Platt family looked like they were moving on to happier times who could forget Gail’s third husband, Richard Hillman. In March 2003, Richard was revealed to be a serial killer and set about killing himself, Gail, David, Sarah and Bethany by driving them into the local canal in a spectacular scene. Luckily, David and the rest of the family were rescued as Richard met his demise in a watery grave.

However the memories of his evil stepfather made an imprint on a young David leaving him suspicious of Gail’s next relationship with Phil Nail. With his penchant for scheming spiralling, David plotted a sinister hate campaign against his mum’s new partner, framing him for poisonous pen letters spookily signed from Richard. Phil finally reached breaking point with the teen tormenter but in the end he was dumped by an angry Gail and David remained triumphant.

After successfully tearing apart his mother’s relationship, romance was in the air for David himself when he developed feelings for fellow hairdresser, Maria Sutherland. But the course of love failed to run smoothly as Maria was enjoying an illicit affair with the Street’s badboy Charlie Stubbs who then threatened David into silence. Not one to be obedient, David attempted to blackmail Charlie but he was bundled into a bathtub with Charlie determined to drown him. In the nick of time, Maria saved David’s life - another brush with death. 

The Tina McIntyre Years

David then tried his shot at romance for a second time when he began a relationship with Tina McIntyre in 2008. After finding out that Gail paid for Tina to have an abortion, demonic David pushes his mother down the stairs and when Tina ends their short-lived romance, it sparks a vicious rampage where he smashed up the Street, attacked Ken Barlow and hit a policewoman. He was sentenced to four months in a Young Offenders Institution.

Blinded by love for Tina, David sparked a rumbling feud with the Windass family after they refused to pay for work Tina’s father Joe McIntyre carried out. Devious David returned with a vengeance and, driven by jealousy of Gary Windass’s friendship with Tina, David framed Gary for theft. Gary’s confession to the police led to David being arrested once more.

But David’s conflict with the law didn’t deter his jealous crush on Tina and when she began a relationship with Jason Grimshaw, David agreed to supply her father with drugs as long as he attempted to break up the pair. Joe’s shock suicide lead to Gail being arrested for his murder and David had to prove his mother’s innocence.

Tina’s next love interest was David’s best friend Graeme leaving the heartbroken Platt feeling betrayed. When David suffered a blackout while driving and knocked Graeme over, he was arrested for attempted murder as no one believed his version of events. Although his track record wasn’t the best, just before the court case began, David suffered another blackout and the Street began to realise he was telling the truth… well, this time.

The Kylie Turner Years

After a sunshine break abroad, David returned to Weatherfield engaged to Kylie Turner, half-sister of Becky McDonald. After gaining custody of Kylie’s son Max from Becky and Steve McDonald, it looked as though David was finally heading for wedded bliss. But heartache struck when he discovered that his wife had slept with his brother Nick. Choosing not to confront the duo, he caused a car accident, leaving Nick in a coma and with permanent brain damage. Kylie and David reconciled but after discovering Kylie’s amphetamine addiction, he threw her out and she left Weatherfield.

Kylie arrived back on the Street but so did a familiar face from her past who threatened to destruct the family life that David and Kylie had worked so hard for; Max's father Callum wanted access to Max. The custody battle that followed turned into a violent feud which escalated when Callum used Sarah and Bethany in a sinister game of manipulation. When they attempted to frame Callum for a crime he lashed out at Sarah and so Kylie, in an act of protection, killed him.

The murder was covered up until rescue workers found Callum's body and David was initially the main suspect. The  family managed to frame another of Callum's enemies who happens to be dead and, after all the catastrophe they had endured on the cobbles, David and Kylie agreed to relocate their family to Barbados. At the final moment, their plans are ruined when Clayton Hibbs stabs Kylie and she takes her last breath in David’s arms.

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Smashing read FN, I've always been a David fan, I think he's great. And Jack deserves another award, Best Actor is long overdue!

abbyk said...

What Derelict said! I also like how David has managed to keep his integrity. You always know there's a lurking demon spawn within. He's consistently a great dad to Max (until this week!), especially for someone who had no real role model. He has a great relationship with brother Nick, a testy one with Sarah, and he calls his mother Gail.

David has needed a new best friend for a long time, however. When Kylie died and Kirk et al invited him for darts, it was awkward all around. Gary and Todd are also in need of friends, they're about the same age and have history. Maybe it's time for the three of them to go raise a barn or sumthin'.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If ever there was a need to bring back Martin Platt, it's now. Enough time has passed for a change of head if necessary. Apart from his dealings with David, there could be a story about Gail attracted again but Martin not being interested. He could also form friendships with some of the men: Kevin, Aiden. Very few characters have best friends outside of their family. I hope they don't give David a new love interest for a good long time.

Louby said...

Agree with Humpty about Martin. Didn't he have another child with his new wife, so the half-sibling might be a good addition to David's life.

CK said...

Also didn't David have his first affair with Tracy when she was looking for an alibi after murdering Charlie Stubbs?

Louby said...

I'm not sure if they had an affair before she was convicted of murdering Charlie, although I think she might have led him on so he would provide evidence in her favour. But, when she was released, I think she had a fling with both David AND Nick!

Louby said...

You forgot the episode of Bethany accidentally eating the drugs he had hidden inside her teddy for Darryl Morton.

Anonymous said...

When a 'Life and Times' profile is written,I take that as a sign the character is to be killed off and I wonder if that is the case with David who has gone over the edge with his grief over Kylie's death.

Anonymous said...

I doubt David would leave the show now, however the suggestions above about bringing back some connection to him were great idea, what about Jelly Roll Morton's son - didn't David & him get along, he could come back to the street and maybe pal up with David.

Maricha said...

Thank-you Flaming Nora. This is a great summary.


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