Sunday, 16 October 2016

Coronation Street first-look pics: Is David dead?

Here are the preview pictures from ITV from a forthcoming episode of Coronation Street.

This is the moment when Gail Platt fears that her plan to stop David carrying out his revenge on Kylie's killer has ended in tragedy.

On Friday night viewers saw a heartbroken Gail find a chilling suicide video that her son had made for the family - making it clear that he intended to murder Clayton and in the process end his own life.

Desperate to foil his suicide mission she enlists Sarah and Nick's help to hatch a plan which involves locking David in the bistro cellar until Clayton's murder trial is over.

But she has not counted on David's determination and what lengths he will go to in order to escape the makeshift prison cell and when all goes quiet behind the locked door she is horrified to find him motionless and bleeding on the stone floor.

Is this the end of David's dastardly plan or will he break free to wreak havoc and cause carnage in Weatherfield?
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Unknown said...

Its obvious. He will fake a suicide and when Gail goes to see him he gets up and makes a run for it. cos we know he gets in the car eventually.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to watch the episode now

Humpty Dumpty said...

Haven't we just read that Jack P S has signed a very healthy new contract? Kind of takes the tension out of the storyline.

Anonymous said...

it always makes me laugh when they try to gin up excitement for an upcoming storyline, but we all know how it won't be as serious or death-defying as they would have us believe. So what exactly is the point?

Anonymous said...

If only David was dead... maybe the Platts would get off the screen for 10-minutes or so.

Anonymous said...

No way...... I hope you just said that to be controversial! David is an excellent character, brilliantly portrayed by Jack P Shepherd.It would be a total loss to Corrie, should Jack leave. But hey ho, I rose to your bait and gave you the response you were expecting

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