Tuesday, 25 October 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Cold Feet visits Coronation Street

Photo: Me in my Cold Feet costume standing behind the counter of The Kabin - look out, Rita!
Photographer: Janet Horsfield

Here at the Coronation Street Blog, we know we're read and enjoyed by Corrie fans around the world. We even know that we've got our share of celebrity Corrie fans - and you can read all of our VIP blog posts here.

Today we bring you a celebrity blog post from ex-Cold Feet actress Lorelei King.  Lorelei is one of the most successful and accomplished American actresses working in the UK today. She has appeared in numerous film and TV shows, and is a well-known voice on the radio. She is a multi award-winning narrator of audiobooks, a writer, script editor, and co-founder of the digital publishing company, Creative Content Ltd.

In return for Lorelei's blog post we have donated £25 to her charity of choice which is Dementia UK, a charity of which she is an ambassador.

And now, it's over to Lorelei:

"I've lived in this country for thirty-eight years, and I first saw Coronation Street on a little black and white television in the sitting room of a Victorian house in North London. The accents were impenetrable to this American in those days, but something about the human drama kept me coming back - and over the years my ear attuned itself to Lancashire.

Over the years I've loved it all: the romances, the murders, the mayhem - but mostly the heart. Coronation Street, like no other show I've seen, perfectly balances heartbreak and humour. It is a real credit to the cast, crew and writers that the show is peopled with believable, lovable (and sometimes hateable!) characters.

For a few years I was lucky enough to appear in another Manchester-based series - Cold Feet (now enjoying a well-deserved revival).

One day when we were filming nearby, my make-up artist, Janet Horsfield (who worked on both shows), took me over to the Corrie set for a visit and to watch a bit of filming. I walked from one set, where I played a bossy, confident woman (David's boss Natalie), to another set, where I became a bashful, tongue-tied fan. To watch a scene being filmed in the Rovers, to sit in Vera's chair, to stand behind the counter of The Kabin - all thrilling beyond belief.

To this day it is my favourite TV show - and I hope it runs forever!"

Lorelei King - October 2016

Twitter: @LoreleiKing
Website: www.loreleiking.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/loreleiking

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