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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Spoilers for Coronation Street's explosive week

Monday 17th October kicks off a catastrophic week on the cobbles as fractured families are forced to pull together.

David’s Revenge - After the death of his wife Kylie, David is dealt another agonising blow when he hears Clayton may not get the justice he deserves. Determined to take matters into his own hands David’s plan is devastating and disturbing; he intends on driving his car, laden with petrol, to blow up Clayton. But when Gail discovers a farewell video he’s made for the kids, it becomes clear that his revenge plot to kill his enemy is also a suicide mission.

Enlisting Nick and Sarah's help, a panic-stricken Gail sets about imprisoning David in the Bistro cellar. It’s a heartbreaking decision for a mother to make and The Platts despair as they try to pull David back from the brink. However, at the final moment a distressed David outwits Gail and makes a bid for freedom - is it too late for him to push his dark fantasy into reality? What happens next in Weatherfield will have far reaching consequences for more than just The Platts.

Peter’s Return - When Peter Barlow makes a shock return to the street he’s not met with the warmest of welcomes. Peter’s story is he’s lost his job, but with a cut to his face and his nighttime disappearances it soon becomes clear that there’s more to his sudden re-appearance than he’s letting on. Ken’s suspicious of the secrets Peter is hiding and when he tackles him in the early hours, no one can predict the consequences. Shockwaves ripple through the Barlow household as the impact of Peter’s return looks set to have lasting effects on the family.

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Elsie Tanner said...

Not looking forward to Peter's return at all. Was never a fan so for him to be brought back means nowt to me. Are they trying to imply he's killed someone or something equally as dramatic? If so, can't see it, Peter is too much of a selfish wimp to pull that off.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how suddenly the Bistro has a cellar - never seen it before, never even been mentioned - does that mean Kevin's garage 2 doors down has one also? Could come in handy a few storylines down - maybe Anna will lock up Faye until she reaches 21, just to ensure that she doesn't have another baby.
It will be good to have Peter back IF (that's a big if) they don't have him portrayed as the same looser alcoholic who messes up all his relationships especially with Simon. I have a feeling this will be the big explosive storyline that has been referred to that will also prompt the return of the other 2 Barlow men. We will just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Peter probably owes someone money and ran out on it, which is a classic soap plot.

He'll tangle up with some woman who should really know better to be around him, they'll be happy for a few months, etc... and then the collector will come calling and blackmailing. Then Peter will weave a massive web of lies like he always does before it comes crashing down on him, and when the going gets tough Peter gets going, leaving a mess behind.

As for the David saga, there's no way he's going to kill Clayton, but I can see both Michael and Sharif being killed somehow because of it which would turn all the Platts against him again and start a whole new War on David. Bonus points if Michael is the one to talk down David at the last minute, only to be somehow killed anyway.

Rapunzel said...

Yes Anonymous at 14:31, I'm sure someone is going to die. Michael is the obvious choice seeing we know he is leaving anyway. And there is kudos in not having advertised the fact of a death in advance. For a change.


... what a coup it would be if they ended the week with the death of Ken. Killing off the longest serving Soap character ever, without even a hint of a spoiler. Now that would be explosive!


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